Dustin Moore, MS, RD

My name is Dustin Moore and I’m a registered dietitian, lecturer and program director for a dietetic internship. I received my bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Brigham Young University (BYU) and completed my master’s degree and dietetic intership at California State University (CSU) Long Beach.

In addition to teaching undergraduate courses at CSU Long Beach, I’ve also worked as an outpatient dietitian specializing in gastric disorders. Education of individuals – whether it’s patients, students, dietetic interns, or the general population – gives me direction and drive. Whatever is related to the wellness and longevity in live of individuals is something I’m interested in teaching and discussing.

My role as a dietitian centers on the question of “What is the purpose of having good health?” And I believe the answer to that is to maximize the freedom there is to life! In resolving health issues and struggles, people are granted great freedom which allows them to pursue life to it’s fullest.

Of course, I love cooking! I also love spending time with family and loved ones, writing and teaching. But, when I’m not playing the role of the food snob, I also enjoy sports, weight training, archery and generally working with my hands on projects around the house.

* Dustin is the founder of the The American Dietitian. Check it out! 

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