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Budhiffy Review
With meditation sweeping the nation and beyond, there are many options that individuals can use to increase their practices. Buddhify is one of these apps that particularly assists people with “meditation on-the-go,” as they cater to busy professionals and a working population. Buddhify initially began as a side gig started by Rohan Gunatillake, who...
Do you have dry eyes? Has your eye doctor recommended punctal plugs as a treatment? If so, you might be wondering how they work and if they are safe. In this video, Dr. Hardeep Kataria discusses what you need to know about getting punctal plugs for dry eye disease. https://youtu.be/qXGR5MmJ5Io
Meditation, mindfulness, and related topics have become buzzwords in the health and wellness world in the past few years. To capitalize on this demand, many apps have risen in popularity as convenient and easy ways to help individuals as they achieve a regular (or customizable) meditation practice. In this article, I provide you with...
BetterHelp Review
Mental health treatment has surged in recent times as an increasing number of individuals are not only becoming more interested in learning about counseling but also participating in mental health therapies. Even before the demand brought on by COVID-19, expert leaders and health professionals were developing more convenient and accessible ways to provide online mental health services,...
Talkspace Logo
One of the areas where our society is making significant progress is the lessening of the stigma attached to mental health. This is evident by how much more comfortable people are talking about their mental health concerns or treatment. The related increase in mental health service use has been noted in a variety of populations and backgrounds....
Headspace logo
For years, people of all ages have benefited from Headspace in their continual quest to be more mindful and in control of their emotions. While users initially flocked to Headspace for content, such as guided meditation scripts, the platform has recently expanded to offer more products and services catered to a range of specific needs.
Martha & Marly Spoon Review
Martha Stewart is iconically known for turning her passion for all aspects of everyday living - like gardening, decorating, entertaining, crafting, and perhaps most notably cooking - into a thriving business empire that has made her a household name around the world. From numerous best selling books to an award winning television show and magazine. Martha has...
Hungryroot logo
Let’s face it, in our modern world, being healthy is hard! With demanding and fast-paced schedules, fast food restaurants on every corner, and jobs that keep us sedentary and leave us with little time for leisure…it can easily feel like the odds are never in our favor. As a registered dietitian, I work with...
Splendid Spoon Review
In a time where we are seeing a surge in demand for delivery services, choosing the right meal kit for you is more important than ever. I recently was given the opportunity to sample Splendid Spoon, a plant-based meal delivery service that promotes clean, delicious meals that are low in sugar and sodium.
A close up photo of a child's eyes
Are you concerned about large prescription changes in your child’s glasses? How much change in a child’s glasses prescription would initiate an optometrist to look into myopia control? What is myopia control and is it appropriate for me or my child? In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about myopia control.