Territory Foods Review (Pros/Cons, Pricing, and More)

Territory Foods Review

I first learned about Territory Foods through an advertisement in the mail. After reviewing the company’s website, a few things caught my eye. Beyond the photos of delicious looking meals, I was intrigued by their partnership with local chefs, the large variety of menu items to suit different lifestyles, and delivery options focused on convenience and freshness.  

This review will provide you with insights on Territory Foods including pros, cons, pricing, and my personal experience.

What to expect from Territory Foods

Territory Foods provides fully cooked lunches and dinners, breakfasts, or a la cart options with a focus on nutrition and flavor. All meals are free from refined sugars, gluten, and dairy products and prepared fresh for consumers. 

Customers choose from 1 to 10 single-serving meals per week. There is no minimum commitment or membership required. Also, pick-up is free at local gyms or you can have meals delivered directly to your home for an additional fee of $7.95. The packaging is recyclable, which is a feature I always appreciate.

Territory has a team of dietitians, nutritionists, and local chefs behind every meal. This shows their commitment to healthy, nourishing meals. The business model of offering sustainably sourced foods from local commercial kitchens with chefs adding their own personal flair to each dish is something that stands out from other meal delivery services.

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Territory Foods - Delivery BoxA variety of fresh food that’s never frozen

Territory’s delicious flavors were a noticeable difference that made me feel like I was receiving restaurant-quality meals in my own home.  The company’s commitment to freshness is shown through their twice a week delivery offer. In fact, the food is not expected to last through the entire week, so you must enjoy your meals within 3-4 days of when it is delivered. It’s also important to note that Territory foods are never frozen. 

The variety extends far beyond menu selections because there are specific calorie ranges and diet styles to choose from.  Territory can accommodate a wide range of medical conditions, lifestyles, and dietary preferences.

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Selecting the right Territory meal

With Territory, your options are endless! First, you choose your portion: boost or standard. The boost size offers a range of 250 to 450 calories and the standard size is between 400 to 650 calories. Depending on your activity level and health goals, you can determine the meal size that works best for you. 

At the time I ordered Territory, there were 7 breakfast selections, 27 lunch or dinner selections, and 5 a la carte selections to choose from. At a glance, you see the total calories and macronutrient content for the meal (i.e. grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein) listed with each selection. When you click on the meal, you can see a full macronutrient ratio (i.e. nutrition facts label including sodium, saturated fat, sugars, and fiber) as well as the full list of ingredients. This is important for anyone with specific nutrient goals. Plus, I like that the information is easy to access and understand. 

If you have a specific dietary pattern, you can filter meal selections based on your needs for a more efficient ordering experience. Territory offers 10 meal classifications: paleo, keto, mixitarian, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, whole30, low fat, low carb, or Mediterranean. Even if you follow something not listed, you have the option to filter out specific foods, allergens, and more.

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Territory Foods - OptionsWhat people are saying about Territory Foods

On Territory’s website, you’ll find a number of positive customer reviews. Review themes include freshness, convenience, no preservatives, and “scrumptious” taste. 

In addition to trying the meals myself, I sent 3 of my 6 meals to a colleague for an additional unbiased perspective. In his experience, the food from Territory was “much better” than similar meal delivery competitors and “more like a meal (he) would make or order.” He also highlighted the freshness and variety.

One downside he experienced was the delivery process. The delivery times are limited to evenings only, an additional delivery fee, and the free pick-up locations were not conveniently located.

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How much does Territory cost?

Territory is more delicious and tastes fresher than similar companies I have tried, but this does come at a higher price. There are two price points: the boost size is $10.95 per meal and the standard size is $13.95 per meal. As mentioned previously, there is an additional $7.95 fee for delivery. 

Is Territory right for you? 


  • The food tastes great.
  • Freshness guaranteed.
  • Customizable with diverse options. 
  • Transparent nutrition information.


  • Priced higher than competitors.
  • Delivery may be a challenge based on your location and requires an additional fee.
  • Single serving may not be economical for multi-person households.

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Territory Foods - Ready To EatMy personal experience

When I tried Territory, I ordered 6 standard size meals with 3 delivered Monday, and 3 delivered Thursday. Because I gave 3 meals to my colleague, the 3 meals I tasted were Buffalo Chicken with Cumin Carrot and Raisin Salad, Grilled Salmon with Cauliflower Rice and Broccoli, and Spaghetti Squash Beef Bolognese. 

Onlin ordering was very simple. The only thing that took a considerable amount of time was picking my meals because there were so many options that looked appetizing. I also found delivery was convenient because it was delivered in the evening. 

Now the important part – did I mention the food is delicious? The taste was great, and it didn’t seem like microwaved food. This is the only pre-cooked company I have tried so far that tasted as if I had just cooked the meal myself. The standard size portion was perfect for me and I was very satisfied at the end of each meal. Cleaning up was also a breeze because there were no dishes to do, definitely a plus for an evening after an exhausting day!

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My final thoughts

I commend Territory for its unique concept of healthy meals made by local chefs. They have achieved freshness, flavor, and variety that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience. I would recommend Territory to anyone who is looking for more convenience and healthier meal options. 

This meal service is best for those who are not interested in cooking their meals, and who live in a single-person household. The meal selections can accommodate many lifestyles and their transparent and easy-to-understand nutrition information can benefit those with specific nutrition goals. This is especially important for individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, or those aiming to improve weight management or athletic performance. 

If you are seeking improved wellbeing, you can feel confident choosing Territory foods because their foods are sustainably sourced and unprocessed. Additionally, a portion of your purchase benefits Feeding America – a non-profit founded to address hunger and food waste. 

What did you think about Territory Foods? Share your feedback in the comments below!

Territory Foods Review
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  • Taste
  • Nutritional Value
  • Variety
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Territory Foods is a meal delivery subscription service that provides a sustainably sourced, unprocessed foods that also support a great cause!


  • Food tastes great.
  • Freshness guaranteed.
  • Customizable with diverse options. 
  • Transparent nutrition information.


  • Priced higher than competitors.
  • Delivery may be a challenge based on your location and requires an additional fee.
  • Single serving may not be economical for multi-person households.
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