What You Need To Know About Your Newborn’s Stomach Size

After 2 weeks of exclusive breastfeeding

Around this time your baby will go through a growth spurt and may seem hungry all the time! This does not mean that you are not making enough milk or that there is something wrong with your baby. Just keep putting your baby to the breast whenever they are showing hunger cues and you will make it through your baby’s first growth spurt.

Is your baby getting enough milk?

It is completely normal to wonder if your baby is getting enough milk. For reference, your baby should have at least 1 pee and poop diaper per a day of life during the first 5 days of life. After that, make sure your baby is having 6-8 wet diapers per a day that are light yellow without a strong smell.

Having 3-5 poop diapers is very normal

Having 3-5 poop diapers is normal, however, an exclusively breastfed baby can go several days without pooping. By about day 7, your baby’s poop should have transitioned to a mustard or golden yellow with little white pieces in it.

You will also notice your baby growing! Keep their tummy size in mind and have confidence that your body is built to give your baby exactly what it needs!

If you don’t hear your baby swallowing milk when breastfeeding or you cannot express milk from your breast, contact a certified lactation consultant.

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