Kids in the Kitchen: How To Raise Healthy Eaters

8-9 year old kids LOVE reading recipes and helping follow each step.

8 – 9 years old

Kids naturally want to get messy! Let them pound meats with a tenderizer, peel fruits and vegetables, open packages with scissors or a can opener, and mix ingredients with their hands.

As reading skills develop, kids at this age are more aware of the cooking process and next steps with recipes. Assign them entire steps in the meal preparation process and watch their confidence soar!

Responsible 10-12 year old children can help in the kitchen by boiling water.

10 – 12 years old

Help preteens feel more independent by giving them even more responsibilities. With supervision, they can begin to help boil pasta or vegetables, simmer and stir ingredients over the stove, and bring foods in and out of the oven.

13+ years old

Autonomy is very important during adolescence. Friends and junk food (which we recommend avoiding) marketing also heavily influence food choices. Help your child feel in charge of their food choices by allowing them to select meals to prepare and picking out their own selections at the grocery store.

For a fun challenge, let them prepare dinner for the entire family one evening! Skills and abilities can vary widely, so tailor tasks to each child’s maturity level. Most importantly, have fun!

Have any questions? Comment below or reach out to your local registered dietitian for more information! 

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