HelloFresh Review (Pros/Cons, Pricing, and More)

I’m a fan of meal delivery services, and to be honest, I’ve only been using one meal delivery company for the past three years. I was excited to branch out and try something new for this review. In this article, I’ll provide you with an honest review of HelloFresh, including pros and cons, key features, nutrition highlights, and my personal experience.

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What is HelloFresh?

To date, HelloFresh is the largest meal kit delivery service. The company serves customers internationally and sends all ingredients needed to prepare and cook a fresh meal at home.

As a registered dietitian, I heard about HelloFresh through coworkers and friends. The service came highly recommended. The app was easy to download, and the process was simple to get started. I was pleased to see that no commitment is required.

A few of HelloFresh’s key features include a large variety of meal options, convenient packaging, and informative meal cards. Let’s take a look at each of these features.

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HelloFresh Key Features

HelloFresh comes with a variety of meal options

When I signed up, HelloFresh had three offerings: veggie, standard, and family. The family option included four servings for each meal. I selected the standard option, which consisted of three meals with two servings for each meal. If you do the math, this equals a total of six meals.

There were 15 meal selections to choose from, so I was pleased to have such a large variety of meals. When I looked ahead at the next two months of delivery options, there are various ingredients, dish types, and cuisines with no repetition. I found this a huge plus as you won’t get bored from cycled menus and similar foods. Within the 15 selections, I noticed categories that designate 20-minute meals, calorie smart, global eats, one-pot wonder, kid approved, hall of fame, and three gourmet options for a higher price tag. However, not all of these categories are available each week (such as the kid-approved or one-pot wonder).

One unique option, for an additional fee, was a dinner-to-lunch selection that included a second recipe. As a result, items from the dinner could be reconstructed for lunch the next day. I also discovered that 4 of the 15 selections for the week required an additional fee, so if you wanted to stay within the advertised price, you would be limited to 11 options.

HelloFresh packagingConvenient packaging

As I opened the box, I noticed the unique packaging method. HelloFresh claims “convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge,” and I found this to be true.

All the ingredients for each meal are sorted and contained in an individual paper bag. The only things I needed to load in my refrigerator were the three bags and a sealed package for each raw protein (i.e., pork, chicken, and beef).

I appreciated this packaging method because it was effortless to put away the items and reduced the time spent gathering the ingredients to start cooking. The food is sent in an ice packaged, insulated box to stay fresh even if you can’t be home at the time of delivery.

Informative meal cards

The meal cards are very informative and have all the information you need to prepare each meal. I found this convenient because it can be tedious to look up details on a phone or website, especially when your hands are dirty from prepping and cooking. 

A typical meal card contains ingredients included, additional items needed, a description of the cuisine you are cooking, and a wine pairing suggestion. Some of the basic condiments are not provided, like sugar, butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Make sure you have some of these fundamentals before you begin cooking! For example, I didn’t look at the additional items needed, and I noticed the vegetable oil requirement just before I started cooking. I substituted olive oil, so it was not a problem. However, it would be more convenient if these additional items were highlighted when making meal selection. I only have time to grocery shop on weekends, so I would want to get the other things in advance. 

The meal card also listed required kitchen utensils. This suggestion prompted me to gather the pans, baking sheets, bowls, or measuring spoons in advance, and it made my prepping and cooking process more efficient.

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HelloFresh ingredients

Other notable HelloFresh features

The features I highlighted above are some of the things I found made HelloFresh different from its competitors. With this in mind, below are a few additional features worth noting!

Reducing food waste

My reason for choosing meal delivery companies is that I love to cook but don’t love food waste.

I have a small household, so when I grocery shop to prepare recipes at home for 1-2 servings, I generally have a lot of food leftover. It can be very time consuming to find different recipes with similar ingredients to use the entire quantity. Also, I get bored quickly when I eat the same foods throughout the week to reduce food waste.

Honestly, I feel good about paying for the exact quantity I need for my meals. Companies like HelloFresh remove the guilt and pressure I experience when fresh ingredients go to waste.

Using fresh ingredients

Another benefit of receiving the right amount of foods with no leftovers is cooking with fresh herbs and spices.

In my attempt to reduce food waste, I compromise with fresh ingredients because I can never use them all before they expire. Even though I have a robust spice cabinet, nothing compares to the smell and taste of fresh herbs and the unique flavors they add to a meal.

For example, it was refreshing to receive a fresh bundle of dill for my Creamy Dill Chicken recipe this week. Preparing and cooking with these ingredients is a full sensory experience. This small detail transforms an average home-cooked meal to restaurant quality.

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HelloFresh is a great way to learn to cook
Source: hellofresh.com

Learning how to cook

By using HelloFresh, you have the opportunity to improve your cooking skills. Their website claims “a fun cooking experience that makes you feel unstoppable,” which is valid for those that enjoy cooking.

The meal cards thoroughly explain each step of the cooking process and are easy to follow (even beginners would feel confident preparing these recipes). Ingredients are highlighted within each step to help ensure you don’t miss any items. There are no complicated cooking techniques, so prior cooking experience is not required. Also, I liked the HelloFresh tips that help transfer cooking skills to other meals. For example, my Creamy Dill Chicken recipe suggested that the sauce also pairs well with salmon. It was a simple, three-ingredient sauce, so I can imagine preparing it without a recipe next time I cook salmon.

After using this service, I know how to make 5-minute garlic bread and the temperature to perfectly roast vegetables. These skills will go far beyond the meals HelloFresh delivers. I like that I am getting more confident as a home cook as this makes all my meals easier to prepare.

One recommendation I would make to improve the cooking experience is to organize the steps to sync cooking. When I followed the order as written, sometimes parts of my meal didn’t finish simultaneously.

Food safety

An essential part of cooking is safety and efficiency. The meal cards cover this as well. For example, this week, my meal cards listed the safe temperature for cooking chicken and pork. I always emphasize food safety to my clients, family, and friends to prevent foodborne illness, so I think this is a crucial tip to include.

The preparation and cooking times are listed when you are choosing your meals, so if you have a busy week, you can select the meals that are less than 30 minutes. One of the common barriers my clients express to cooking healthy meals at home is time. I like that there is even a meal option for less than 20 minutes.

A friend who also used HelloFresh expressed that these times seemed off, and the preparation took longer than expected. Therefore, keep in mind that the advertised time may vary for you, especially when you cook a HelloFresh meal.

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HelloFresh Nutrition
Source: hellofresh.com

HelloFresh nutritional highlights

The HelloFresh website claims that the meals are made of “high-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm.” Their suppliers consist of family-owned and operated establishments. You can learn more about the specific farms they work with on the website. I like this transparency and being able to learn about where my food is coming from.

Meal variety that accommodates dietary restrictions

From a nutrition perspective, the large variety of meal selections accommodates many different dietary preferences and needs. For example, a vegetarian option and various protein sources for the standard plan make this a convenient service for a wide range of people. Since you are the chef and can control what is being added to your meal, it is simple to leave out a specific ingredient or substitute for something else. This flexibility is not available for many pre-cooked meal delivery services, so I think this is a significant benefit.

Digging for food allergies

When setting up my profile, I did not see an option to designate food allergies or preferences. Therefore, if this applies to you, you would need to be diligent in researching each meal option on your own. You can select each meal on the website to learn more about the ingredients offered and the nutrition facts. However, I found it time-consuming to look at the nutrition information and ingredients for each of the 15 meals individually.

I prefer a nutrition facts summary page that shows all this information for the week’s selections in one convenient place. This would make choosing the meals much more efficient for anyone making their decisions based on specific nutrition components. I recommend working closely with your registered dietitian to make sure you select meals that align with your health goals.

Nutrient-packed meals

The variety of nutrients within the meal offerings each week addresses a broad range of needs. For example, the calories in the 15 meals offered the week of my trial ranged from 520 to 840 calories per serving. Calorie needs vary based on many factors, including age and activity level, so it is good to have many options to fit your individual needs.

I did find the “calorie smart” designation confusing because one was 550 calories and the other was 700 calories per serving. Honestly, it was unclear what the criteria were for this label.

Also, sodium content per meal varied, ranging from 450mg to 1800mg per serving in the meals I reviewed. I liked that there were low sodium options, but you can control how much salt you add while cooking even if you select something on the higher end. I didn’t add salt during my cooking process, and I thought the meals still had great flavor from the fresh herbs and sauces.

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HelloFresh personal experience

What people are saying…

From HelloFresh

  • Deliciousness – Their chef-created recipes are tested 200 times to ensure your meals are as delicious to eat as they are easy to make.
  • Simplicity – From step-by-step recipes to no-hassle account changes, HelloFresh makes your life easier every way they can.
  • Flexibility – HelloFresh accommodates every appetite, household size, and schedule. Need to skip a week or cancel? No problem.
  • Stress-free – Take back your evenings with fewer trips to the store, pre-planned meals, and little cleanup.
  • Dietarily diverse – Picky appetites welcome! Tell them what you like and don’t like, and they’ll recommend something delicious.
  • No waste – It’s easy being green with their pre-measured ingredients and recyclable materials.

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HelloFresh on the Table
Source: hellofresh.com

Is HelloFresh right for you?


  • Gain experience cooking and learning new skills.
  • No commitment required and you can change your selections up to 5 days before delivery.
  • A variety of meal selections accommodate diverse nutrient needs and preferences.
  • Ingredients are pre-measured to save on cooking time and clean up.
  • Convenient and recyclable packaging.


  • The time required to prepare, cook, and clean up dishes.
  • Estimates for prep and cook time vary based on experience.
  • Less cost-effective for large family size.
  • Cooking tools required.
  • Nutrient information not easily accessible (only available on the website).

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How much does HelloFresh cost?

The cost of HelloFresh varies, ranging from $6.99 – $9.99 per serving (plus $6.99 for shipping). Furthermore, the price varies based on the plan you choose (veggie, classic, or family), the servings you select (2 or 4), and the meals per week (2 to 4).

Personally, this price point is more economical than when I eat out at a restaurant and even if I buy my ingredients at the market to cook at home. Unless I purchase canned or frozen foods, I can’t match this price per serving. I think the fresh ingredients and quality of the meal is worth this cost.

The website advertised in two places on the home page that the meals start at $6.99 per meal. However, when I navigated the meal plan options, I found the only plan at this low price was the three-meal veggie plan with four servings.

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Canceling HelloFresh

If you decided you are done using HelloFresh, canceling is quickly done online or via the app. I like the fact that they do not require a monthly subscription or commitment. You can also make changes to your menu selections and cancel a delivery up to 5 days before the scheduled delivery.

I have a busy schedule and can’t always commit to cooking the three meals in one week, so I liked this opportunity to plan my deliveries up to two months in advance!

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Final thoughts

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service for customers who enjoy cooking fresh ingredients at home. Many customers say that having the ingredients delivered in the exact quantity needed right to their door saves a lot of time and effort from grocery shopping, measuring, and prepping a meal. I certainly agree!

As a dietitian, I like the variety of meals offered from week to week because this gives customers a lot of autonomy to choose foods that support their health goals. I would recommend HelloFresh to anyone who enjoys cooking various foods and is looking for a way to incorporate new recipes with fresh ingredients into their daily routine.

Have you tried HelloFresh before? What did you think of it? Share your feedback in the comments below 🙂

HelloFresh Review
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  • Variety
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HelloFresh is a meal delivery company targeted at health-conscious consumers who like to cook. Through this service, you’re able to prepare restaurant quality meals with fresh ingredients without wasting food, spending time gathering the ingredients at the market(s), or the effort required to research and choose new recipes.


  • Gain experience cooking and learning new skills
  • No commitment required and you can change your selections up to 5 days before delivery
  • Variety of meal selections accommodate diverse nutrient needs and preferences
  • Ingredients are premeasured to save on cooking time and clean up
  • Convenient and recyclable packaging


  • The time required to prepare, cook, and clean up dishes
  • Estimates for prep and cook time vary based on experience
  • Less cost effective for large family size
  • Cooking tools required
  • Nutrient information not easily accessible (only available on the website)
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