10 Alternatives To Candy For Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

10 Alternatives To Candy For Your Trick-or-Treaters

Sometimes it feels like candy, cookies, and cakes are everywhere. School birthdays, family parties, team snack bags, and all the holidays seem to drown our children in sweets. Eating excess amounts of added sugar not only contributes to the obesity epidemic but can also damage heart health. Instead of grabbing a bag of candy for your little ghosts and goblins, try a non-candy alternative! 

This article will highlight ten safe and creative ideas to help get you started.

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1) Pretzels

With the recent push for healthier snack options, pretzels are now available in individually packaged bags and can be found in the Halloween aisle.


2) Raisins

Raisins are naturally sweet and a good source of iron. They are sold in mini boxes to make the perfect treat.


3) Popcorn

With the added benefit of fiber, popcorn is a fun, whole grain snack. If you can’t find popcorn in the Halloween aisle, try the section with individually packaged chips and crackers.


4) Goldfish

Goldfish are a kid’s favorite! They can be found on the same aisle as popcorn.

5) Animal crackers

Animal crackers taste a lot like cookies, but are low in added sugar, and are available in small, individual packages. Not to mention, the animal shapes are fun and cute!

6) Stickers

If you have a lot of young kids in your neighborhood, stickers are a real hit! Check out the dollar store or Amazon for large sticker collections that you can cut into many individual giveaways. Consider these fun and highly rated Halloween stickers!

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7) Pencils

If you want to mix in something for the older kids, you can pick up some fun pencils to mix into those stickers. Again, you can find them at the dollar store or on Amazon. Check out these cute Halloween pencils with colorful erasers.


8) Bubbles

Bubbles are another hidden gem! They are sold in mini varieties and may even be found on Amazon or at your local party store in fun colors or Halloween themes. Consider these colorful and wildly entertaining mini bubble wands.

9) Erasers

There are hundreds of styles, colors, scents, and shapes of erasers. Check out your favorite party supply store, dollar store, or Amazon to find the perfect ones for your visiting kiddos. In fact, they’ll love these pumpkin jack-o-lantern mini erasers!

10) Miscellaneous party favors

Check online for large bags of various party favors like tops, plastic figurines, costume rings and bracelets, kazoos, and key chains.

Your trick-or-treaters will love these non candy alternatives


By thinking outside of the candy aisle, you are doing your part to protect the health of the kiddos in your neighborhood. These ideas aren’t just for Halloween either! Remember your non-candy treats for birthday gift bags and pinatas, Christmas stockings, and Easter baskets.

Lastly, keep in mind that any food items you choose should come individually packaged for the safety of the kids and the peace of mind of their parents. Have fun picking out your non-candy Halloween treasures and have a happy Halloween!