Do You Have a Marijuana Addiction?

Do You Have a Marijuana Addiction

Are you concerned that you or a loved one may have a marijuana addiction? To be honest, this is a valid concern! Marijuana is generating more inches of newspaper print than it once did as it continues to gain legal status in a number of states.

While federal laws in the United States still prohibit the use or possession of marijuana, a variety of states are currently opening up their laws to allow the recreational use of the drug.

As of right now, Colorado, Washington, California, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Alaska, and Massachusetts all currently permit the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition, twenty-nine states – plus the District of Columbia – allow it for medical use.

With an increased legal access to marijuana, addiction is definitely a common concern. 

Here are 4 signs that you have an addiction to marijuana

Marijuana up close

1) You find it difficult to not incorporate marijuana into everything

Does marijuana seem to creep into everything you want to do? If so, you might be at a stage in your life where marijuana is taking over.

It is imperative that you are able to enjoy activities in your life without consuming marijuana in any way or form. If you are only able to have fun while being high, then you have an addiction problem.

2) You get high despite your problems

Smoking weed can cause a number of problems in a person’s life. Even though marijuana is legal in a number of states, it is not legal everywhere. As a result, you can face legal consequences for the possession or consumption of marijuana in many states.

On the other hand, legal problems are not the only issues marijuana can bring to your life. In fact, losing your job as well as getting kicked out of school or the military are all consequences you can face from smoking pot. A person who feels the absolute need to get high, despite the problems it brings into their life, is considered an addict.

Man smoking weed

3) You rely on weed to escape your problems

Smoking weed to relax is one of the main reasons people use this drug. Unfortunately, it becomes more of a problem when weed is used to literally escape your problems. If you feel the need to get high simply so you don’t have to think about the problems in your life, you are at a point where consuming it is unhealthy.

My advice, seek other ways to handle the daily stresses of life. There are plenty of therapy options that exist that have nothing to do with smoking weed. You can learn a lot from these programs and discover better alternatives than getting high to escape your issues.

4) You choose activities based on your ability to get high

If you have to stop and think about getting high before you agree to an activity, then you have a marijuana addiction problem. This is simply not normal and is a clear sign of addiction. 

Overall, it is not that difficult to identify if you have an addiction to marijuana or not. In fact, you probably already know if you have a problem with marijuana. If you think you might have an addiction to marijuanayou probably do.

Fortunately for you, there is always hope for those with addiction problems. Personally, I recommend you consult with an addiction professional to talk about your options. If you think you have a problem, make sure you start taking action towards recovery as soon as possible.

Author bio: Alice Munday is a freelance writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. In recovery herself, she is committed to helping those who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol.