Ultra for Astigmatism, Potential AMD Cure, and Blind Marathon Runner

AIRA visual interpreter for the blind.

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Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Astigmatism
Source: Bausch.com

Do you wear contact lenses and have astigmatism?

Wait, wasn’t this a trending topic last month? Who’s writing these?

Ohhh, you mean another contact lens for astigmatism hit the market? Oook! 

Anyways, Bausch + Lomb recently launched ULTRA® for Astigmatism, a new monthly contact lens with their patented MoistureSeal® technology. While there are a lot of contact lens options out there, it’s important to note this is the first new monthly contact lens for astigmatism developed in a loooong loooong time. Therefore, if dailies aren’t your thing, you have a new option to consider!

Human stem cells
Source: Wikipedia.com

Have you ever wonder if there is a cure on the way for macular degeneration?

The truth is, we’re getting there!

A Japanese man recently received reprogrammed stem cells with the hope they would halt the progression of his macular degeneration. Originally skin cells, these cells were reprogrammed into retinal cells and transplanted into his retina.

While this is very exciting news for the future treatment and management of macular degeneration, the short and long-term results of this kind of treatment are still very much up in the air.

AIRA visual interpreter for the blind
Source: Aira.io

Here’s some news that puts your “couch to 5k” to shame!

An athlete named Erich Manser, who is legally blind from the disease retinitis pigmentosa, has managed to run an astounding 17 marathons throughout his life! However, for Erich, running this year’s Boston Marathon was extra special. During the race, he tested out Google Glass™ with AIRA technology where was voice guided by a woman who lives across the country as he ran the race.

If this technology becomes mainstream, this would be a huge breakthrough for the visually impaired community!

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