TearRestore Mask Review (Pros/Cons, Pricing, and More)

TearRestore Mask review

Do you have dry eye disease or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and have been advised to perform daily warm compresses by your eye doctor? Have you found traditional eye masks aren’t effective, don’t hold heat well, or interrupt the flow of your day? If so, you should check out the new TearRestore mask for dry eyes.

In this article, I’ll review what you need to know about the TearRestore mask, including features, benefits, pricing, and my personal experience using the mask.

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What is TearRestore?

TearRestore is a new dry eye company that was founded from within an eye care clinic after witnessing the shortcomings associated with dry eye treatment.

The TearRestore mask was born through hearing the stories of those affected most by the condition and putting their needs first.

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How is the TearRestore mask different from competitors?

Patients with evaporative dry eye disease and MGD are often prescribed daily warm compresses to help treat this condition.

From hot potatoes and head socks filled with rice to over the counter microwavable masks, there has been a wide range of ways to perform this task.

Unfortunately, none of them provide consistent and therapeutic heat to your eyelid margins – until now! This is exactly the problem the team at TearRestore set out to address with their new mask.

TearRestore mask features

The TearRestore eye mask features meibomian gland applicators that match the anatomy of the eyelid. This resulting in a targeted treatment exactly where you need it.

Furthermore, the TearRestore mask has a one size fits all design based on anatomical norms and is made of a flexible and resilient polymer to ensure comfort and durability.

TearRestore mask benefits

As you can see in the chart above, a huge benefit of the TearRestore heat mask is the consistency of therapeutic levels of heat being applied to the eyelid margin.

Furthermore, TearRestore’s unique design allows you to keep your eyelids open during treatment. This allows you to continue with your day while your eyelids are able to blink to redistribute your tear film over the surface of the eye.

The TearRestore mask is manufactured in the U.S. with non-toxic food grade sodium acetate and medical-grade vinyl. The mask’s heat packs are incredibly durable and can be reactivated up to 90 times.

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How to use the TearRestore Mask

  1. Click the small metal disc located within the heat pack. Press the center of the metal disc with your thumb or forefinger to activate the pack. Upon doing so, you will begin to feel the heat.
  2. Snap the heat pack into the mask. The TearRestore mask has specially designed hooks around the eye holes. Simply match the eye holes of the heat pack with the mask and hook the edges of the heat pack onto the mask.
  3. Place the TearRestore mask and activated heat pack over your head and adjust to be able to see through the eye holes. Pull the straps until comfortable and wear for a 15-minute treatment!
  4. The TearRestore heat packs are easily reactivated in boiling water or a one-click kettle. The boiling water returns the heat packs into a liquid in as little as five minutes. Once the pack has become liquid, simply let cool and reactivate at your convenience. 

Is TearRestore right for your?


  • Effective meibomian gland treatment from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consistent and predictable levels of heat being applied to the eyelid margin.
  • Rapid mask activation time.
  • Designed to keep your eyes open so you can continue on with your day.


  • Is a premium product so it costs more than traditional warm compress masks (but less than in-office treatments)
  • Requires hot water to be reactivated.

How much does TearRestore cost?

The best bang for your buck is purchasing the TearRestore Bundle (includes TearRestore Mask, 3 Reusable Heat Packs, Collapsible Reactivation Kettle) for $129.99.

Otherwise, the TearRestore Basic Package (TearRestore Mask, 2 Reusable Heat Packs) is $79.99, TearRestore Replacement Heat Packs (2 Reusable Heat Packs) are $39.99, and TearRestore One-Touch Kettle is $24.99.

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My personal experience using TearRestore

As someone who suffers from dry eye disease and prescribes warm compresses all the time, I was very intrigued by the release of the TearRestore mask! Especially since in-office treatments for MGD can be time consuming and expensive.

The product packaging is clean and instructions are very easy to follow. Also, I really liked that the mask could be used without a microwave (it activates quickly) and with your eyes open (as I watched TV during my first treatment). It was nice to see the mask stayed hot at a therapeutically designed temperature for up to 15 minutes.

To be honest, it took me a few minutes to get the mask positioned right on my face. Since I have long eyelashes, I could feel them brushing up against the mask. Of course, I adapted to this feeling more and more each treatment. Resetting the mask for activation was fast with the Collapsible Reactivation Kettle but you could also easily do so using hot water.

Final thoughts on TearRestore

Personally, the TearRestore mask will be my go-to heat mask moving forward! It’s safe, effective, and designed to provide minimal disruption to your day. If you’re looking for a premium dry eye mask that delivers therapeutic treatment from the comfort of your own home, TearRestore is the perfect product for you!

What do you think of the new TearRestore mask for dry eye and MGD? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. I did buy the expensive thing and was very disappointed in it.
    NOT impressed. It fits very awkward, hurts in fact and the mask did not even out at all. It did not retain heat for very long. How heating above my eyebrow is suppose to help my eye is beyond me. Did not give me a moist heat. I am sending it back.