Superior Vision Insurance: What You Need To Know

Superior Vision Insurance

Do you have Superior Vision insurance? Maybe you’re a benefits manager looking to learn more. Regardless of your situation, I’ll provide you with exactly what you need to know about Superior Vision, including what it covers, who takes it, how much it costs, and more!

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What is Superior Vision?

Founded in 1993, Superior Vision is one of two vision insurance companies owned by Versant Health. The company prides itself on having over 109,000+ points of access so members have plenty of choices in where they receive care while remaining cost-effective. In addition, Superior Vision offers discounts on vision correction surgery (such as LASIK and PRK).

How do I locate a Superior Vision provider?

Finding a Superior Vision provider is easy! Members have easy access to quality care through their broad network of eye care professionals in a range of settings. This includes local, independent eye care professionals and large retail optical chains.

Doctors located at (some) private practices, LensCraftersTarget Optical, Pearle Vision, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Visionworks, and MyEyeDr are typically in-network with Superior Vision.

To find a Superior Vision provider, pull up the Superior Vision provider locator page to research providers in your area. There you can search by location, provider name, or practice name.

What if my provider is not in-network with Superior Vision?

With Superior Vision, you are able to see any provider you would like. However, if the provider is out-of-network, you may have to pay in full at the time of service then submit your claim on your own for reimbursement.

Fortunately, all members still receive their full benefits under Superior Vision’s out-of-network policy. Doctors located at (some) private practices are typically out-of-network with Superior Vision.

Doctors located at (some) private practices might be out-of-network with Superior Vision.

What does Superior Vision cover?

With Superior Vision, you will have exam copays ranging from $0-$20 for a comprehensive eye exam.

Frames and lenses

Superior vision provides a $125- $200 frame allowance and covers in full single vision lenses, lined bifocals, and lined trifocals. Also, you’ll have the option to add on important features like anti-glare, UV protection, transition lenses, and premium progressives.

Contact lenses

Another feature on most Superior Vision plans is coverage for contact lens fittings and materials. With all Superior Vision plans you will have a copay for a contact lens fitting (typically up to $25-$50) and then an allowance for contact lens materials (often up to $150).

Note: As with all other vision insurances, you will have to choose to use your benefits towards glasses OR contact lenses.

Are medically necessary contacts for dry eye or keratoconus covered by Superior Vision?

The Superior Vision allowance provided for frames, lenses, and contact lenses can also be used towards medically necessary contact lenses (i.e. scleral, hybrid, or RGP lenses). In most cases, this allowance does not cover the full cost of a medically necessary contact lens fit and materials.

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Does Superior Vision cover diabetic eye exams?

No. Superior Vision provides comprehensive eye exams, however, diabetic eye exams are not included. With this in mind, medical insurance can be used for a comprehensive diabetic eye exam.

Does Superior Vision cover refractive surgery (LASIK or PRK)?

No. However, Superior Vision provides members with a 15-50% discount on LASIK services when using an in-network QualSight provider.

For additional information or to find a LASIK provider in your area, click here.

Is Superior Vision right for you?


  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Most doctors are in-network.
  • Very easy to file insurance claims, hence, less processing issues.


  • Medical necessary contact lenses are not covered.
  • There are other vision insurance plans that provide better coverage or contributions towards the purchase of contact lenses and glasses.

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How much does Superior Vision typically cost?

Fortunately, Superior Vision is available to individuals and can vary in cost, especially if you are signing up as an individual or with a company. Also, there is an array of plans to sign up for which range as little as $12.50 a month. You can sign-up online without any enrollment fees and start taking advantage of the benefits on your selected enrollment date.


In the end, taking care of your eye health and wellness should be at the top of your health priority list! With its large provider network, exceptional coverage, and extensive member resources, Superior Vision insurance is one of the most popular vision insurances on the market.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Superior Vision website for more information.

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