Safety Glasses: Here’s What You Need To Know

Safety Glasses - Here's What You Need To Know

Do you work in an environment that requires eye protection? Are you looking for ways to protect your eyes while doing outdoor or in-home construction? If so, you should highly consider wearing safety glasses.

In the video below, Sheena Taff reviews exactly what you need to know about safety glasses!

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What are safety glasses?

Safety glasses are essential workplace specific glasses that offer superior impact resistance and meet higher safety standards than everyday glasses.

Since we only have one pair of eyes, it is of paramount importance that we protect them! Regular glasses and sunglasses might protect our eyes from UV, dust and dirt particles, but do little to protect us from flying objects in the workplace. Hence, the need for safety glasses!

Safety frames and lenses are made from impact resistant materials. They are specifically designed to protect against eye injuries and are tested to meet or exceed the strictest ASTM F803 standards.

Also, safety frames are fit with lens materials – such as polycarbonate, trivex or airwear – that ensure the lenses are shatterproof. Since we tend to be more active and have a higher body temperature when wearing these glasses, it makes lenses treated with an anti-fog coating essential.

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Young female wearing safety glasses at work

Lastly, safety glasses come in many different shapes and styles! In fact, some are designed specifically for certain workplace activities. Overall, these glasses typically have more wrap and provide you with a closer frame fit, to meet the ASTM F801 standards.

Fortunately for you, many employers cover the cost for you to purchase safety glasses.

Do you think you could benefit from safety glasses? Visit your local eye care professional today!