Opticians: Eyeglass Specialists

An optician is a skilled individual trained to help you select your eyeglass frames and lenses. In addition, opticians make sure all your lens options and measurements reflect what has been prescribed by your eye doctor!

Opticians are also able to sell contact lenses with a valid doctor’s prescription.

Optician helping patient select eyeglasses

While some opticians obtain their skills through on the job training, many states require their opticians to become licensed dispensing opticians (LDOs). LDOs are required to pass a series of exams based on specialized education or extensive experience.

It’s easiest to think of them as your eyeglass specialists.

Optician helping a patient try on their new glasses

For example, if you were looking to buy new, trendy frames or discuss lens options, you could see an optician.

*This description fits true for opticians in the United States and may vary from country to country.

**Looking for information on primary eye doctors (optometrists) or primary eye surgeons (ophthalmologists)? Read these posts!

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