Finding EyeStyle with Transitions Style Colors & Style Mirrors

Dr. Rights serves as a Transitions Brand Ambassador, but all opinions are her own. This post was not sponsored.

Finding EyeStyle with Transitions Style Colors & Style Mirrors

Did you know that Transitions light-intelligent lenses come in more color options than ever before? As the winner of the 2018 Transitions Brand Ambassador award, I’m going to share with you the latest releases from Transitions Optical: Style Colors and Style Mirrors!

First, what are Transitions lenses?

Transitions Optical is the leading provider of photochromic (light-adaptive) lenses worldwide. Transitions lenses go beyond ordinary clear prescription lenses, as they seamlessly adapt from completely clear indoors to dark outdoors in response to changing lighting conditions.

All Transitions lenses provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as filter harmful blue light from both indoor and outdoor sources.

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The 3 Transitions Iconic Colors

For many years, Transitions lenses were available only in the following three iconic color options:

  1. Gray – a neutral color for the most natural vision
  2. Brown – offers the most contrast and color enhancement
  3. Graphite Green – provides more natural color perception and enhanced contrast

In the summer of 2018, Transitions launched not one but two new product lines. The fresh color options and fashionable mirror effects – called Style Colors and Style Mirrors, respectively – added an element of style to Transitions’ existing portfolio of photochromic lenses. Let’s take a look at these trending lens options!

Transitions Style Colors Logo

Transitions Style Colors

The Transitions Style Colors collection features four vivid color options, bringing you a total of seven lens colors to choose from. When picking out a lens color to pair with your favorite frame, this expansive color portfolio allows you to customize your eyewear unlike ever before!

As of 2020, Transitions Style Colors are available in the new Signature GEN 8 lenses, which offer the best performance ever  – appearing fully clear indoors and even darker outdoors, with faster activation and faster fadeback than previous iterations of Transitions lenses.

Transitions Style Colors

4 Transitions Style Colors

  1. Sapphire – a bright, exciting hue that brings a cool factor
  2. Amethyst – a sophisticated shade with a contemporary twist
  3. Amber – a vintage look that is both timeless and of-the-moment
  4. Emerald – trendy and versatile, matching a variety of styles

Transitions Style Colors Examples

Transitions Signature Style Colors in Emerald, Sapphire, Amber, Amethyst, and Amber (from left to right)

Transitions Style Mirrors Logo

Transitions Style Mirrors

Transitions XTRActive lenses got an upgrade, too, with the launch of six customizable Style Mirrors. Mirrored lenses continue to be a popular trend, and the new Style Mirrors create a fashionable mirror finish outdoors, with a unique ‘hint of color’ look indoors. Compared to the Style Colors, the Style Mirrors offer more of a sunglasses look.

Transitions Style Mirrors

6 Transitions Style Mirrors colors

  1. Red – a rich scarlet mirror for a sporty experience.
  2. Pink – an infusion of crimson hues.
  3. Blue – a chill color for a stylish and trendy look.
  4. Green – a radiant color with an earthy feeling.
  5. Gold – a smooth and warm shade complementing all skin tones.
  6. Silver Shadow – a classic silver-gray color.

The Style Mirrors feature a front mirror finish and backside anti-reflective coating that comes standard on the lenses, to help reduce uncomfortable glare. Unlike a polarized sunglass lens, Transitions Style Mirrors still allow you to see digital devices clearly – which matters when you’re trying to take the perfect selfie or scroll through social media! 

When selecting a mirrored lens color, you simply pick a base color of either XTRActive brown or gray, and then choose a colored mirror finish. As a suggestion, the brown base lens pairs well with the gold, red, or pink mirror, while the gray base lens pairs well with the green, blue, or silver shadow mirror.

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Transitions Style Mirrors ExamplesTransitions XTRActive Style Mirror in Silver Shadow

Finding your EyeStyle

In the age of the selfie, we know style and self-image is important to young eyeglass wearers. As glasses are part of their personal identity, being seen wearing the same pair of eyeglasses in every photo can get repetitive.

With the launch of four new vibrant style colors and six on-trend style mirror options, Transitions offers the fashion-conscious eyeglass wearer more opportunities to create a unique, personalized look that shows off their individual EyeStyle. When the lenses change from clear to dark in response to sunlight, you can easily see how Transitions lenses elevate and transform your #OOTD (outfit of the day) with eyewear that gives off two distinct looks. 

Looking for EyeStyle Inspiration? 

See how these trendsetters make a style statement with the latest Transitions lens technology. On Instagram, search the hashtags #transitionsstyle, #stylecolors, and #stylemirrors to see how others have paired their Transitions lenses with their eyewear. 

If you’re an eyecare professional, visit or for more on the portfolio of Transitions lens products and to download the Style Guide. Use this resource to explore the different lens color offerings and mirror finishes from Transitions Optical and learn how to pair them with a myriad of frame options.

To try the new Transitions Style Colors and Style Mirrors, click here to find an eye care professional near you.

Which new Transitions Style Color and/or Style Mirror is your favorite? Share your feedback in the comments below!