Tinted Glasses: What Are the Real Benefits?

Tinted Lenses - What Are the Real Benefits?

Whether you’re sensitive to light or simply want to make a bold fashion statement, tinted lenses have a variety of uses. In particular, various tinted lenses can help improve your athletic or overall visual performance by enhancing what you see.

In the video below, Jordan Almond discusses the benefits of wearing tinted lenses.

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From green, yellow and amber to purple, red and gray, tinted lenses come in a wide variety of colors! Each tint color has specific benefits.

Yellow tinted lenses

The benefits of tinted lens

Yellow tinted glasses have been shown to enhance your vision in low light environments while helping decrease fatigue from digital devices.

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On the other hand, green or gray tinted glasses are extremely versatile and great for almost all outdoor activities.

Light green tinted lensesDark blue vs light green tinted lenses

In addition, tinted glasses have varying intensities and gradients. Darker tints look more like you’re wearing sunglasses while lighter tints are typically for style. Gradient tints are darkest at the top of your lenses and lighten up as you look down.

Gradient tinted lenses

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