GUNNAR Glasses: Review, Pricing, and More

Gunnar Computer Eyewear

GUNNAR lens types 

Fortunately, all GUNNAR Glasses have anti-reflective coatings on both the front and back of their lenses. These coatings help reduce glare and unnecessary reflections. Also, they help increase the durability of GUNNAR lenses and make them easier to clean and care for. Below is an overview of the 2 main GUNNAR lenses available.

GUNNAR's Haus frame with Amber lenses

Amber lens

GUNNAR’s signature Amber lens was designed to absorb 65% of harmful blue light from your digital devices. This is significantly more than their Crystalline lens

In addition, these lenses have a slight yellow tint and improve your visual efficiency by enhancing overall contrast and minimizing screen glare.

If you need prescription glasses, Amber lenses are available in prescriptions up to a +/- 6.00D for flatter frames.


  • Largest % of harmful blue light protection (compared to their Crystalline lens).
  • Superior contrast and comfort.
  • Excellent visual efficiency.


    • Can alter your color perception and impact jobs that need true color.
    • Yellow tint is less ascetically pleasing (compared to their Crystalline lens).
GUNNAR's Phenom frame with Crystalline lenses

Crystalline lens

GUNNAR’s Crystalline lens was designed to absorb 10% of harmful blue light from your digital devices. This is significantly less than their Amber lens.

Overall, it’s intended for individuals that need true color in their digital environment. This includes creative visual artists like graphic designers and video production editors.

Like their Amber lens, these lenses are available in prescriptions up to a +/- 6.00D.


  • Best for individuals who need an equally balanced color spectrum (i.e. true color).
  • Clear appearance may be seen as more aesthetically pleasing (compared to the yellow tint of their Amber lens).


  • Significantly smaller % of harmful blue light protection (compared to their Amber lens).
  • Not as comfortable with less visual efficiency.

GUNNAR frame styles

Browsing GUNNAR’s website, I noticed they offer a large range of frame styles. For example, if you’re looking for glasses to wear at the office or while you’re using your digital devices, you should strongly consider GUNNAR Computer frames.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid gamer and need glasses designed to fit around your gaming headsets, you should definitely check out GUNNAR Gaming frames.

GUNNAR testimonials


“I talked to my eye doctor after my son’s annual eye exam about Gunnar glasses. She told me the science was sound and these, certainly wouldn’t hurt. I was concerned about the kid’s eyes. His school has gone fully digital. Everything is on a laptop or tablet. An hour into his homework his eyes looked like a vampire on a day pass. I bought him a pair of Gunnar’s. One of the best things I have ever bought. No more tired, itchy, bloodshot eyes.” – David

“As a scientist, I have spent many hours in the lab collecting data, and many more hours on the computer turning that data into excessively fancy graphs. But hey, that’s my style. Just like GUNNAR eyewear! These glasses get me through long hours on the computer so that I can go home at the end of the day and hop right into my other passion, gaming.” – Christina

“Thank you for the amazing glasses. They have really been amazing. Even tho I’m 12, I’m very proud to say that I love them.” – Capone

Eye care professionals

“The Gunnar Amber lens significantly blocks blue light and enhances contrast and depth perception. The two primary properties of Amber lenses that make them good at preventing digital eye strain are added visual contrast and the filtering of blue light. Over saturation of blue light decreases our visual acuity, depth perception, and can make focusing difficult. This ultimately makes our eyes work harder, resulting in greater eye fatigue and headaches. In the long-term, there are studies and literature stating blue light can cause cataracts and macular degeneration.” – Dr. Eric White

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