Carrot Eyewear Review (Pros/Cons, Pricing, and More)

Carrot Eyewear Review

As an optometrist, I love educating patients on the importance of eye health and wellness. This includes yearly comprehensive eye exams, safe contact lens wear, and the importance of UV and harmful blue light eye protection. I was intrigued by Carrot Eyewear because it was created by Dr. Jennifer Tsai, an optometrist who understands the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful blue light! Below is a review of what you need to know about Carrot Eyewear, including pros, cons, and my own personal experience with the glasses.

COVID-19 ALERT: For every pair of glasses sold, this NYC based eye doctor has decided to donate $5 towards a fund for masks, gowns, and personal protective equipment for NYC hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis!

Carrot Eyewear Founder Dr. Jennifer Tsai

Pros of Carrot Eyewear

Do you spend hours (or “virtually” your entire day) in front of digital devices? If you’re like most people, you probably do! After reading up on Carrot Eyewear’s philosophy and mission, I discovered they provide a number of benefits for your eye health and overall wellness. Below is an overview of these benefits.

1) Blocking of harmful blue light

We’re all familiar with UV rays, as we’ve been warned for decades now about the harmful effect they have on our skin. Lesser-known within the light spectrum is blue light, which passes straight through to the back of our eye. This may cause dry eyes, early onset cataracts, and retinal cell aging. Yikes! As a result, it’s never been more crucial to protect your eyes the same way we’ve been taught to protect our skin.

2) Decreased digital eye strain and improved visual comfort

Prolonged screen time can lead to tired eyes, blurry vision, red eyes, fatigue, headaches, and neck pain. In the medical community, this is known as digital eye strain.

By blocking glare and harmful blue light, Carrot Eyewear can help decrease your chances of experiencing digital eye strain. Compared to other brands, these glasses improve your visual contrast and soothe your eyes during digital device use with completely clear lenses (as most competitors have tints).

3) Improved overall wellness

Did you know that short-term overexposure to harmful blue light can suppress melatonin production and lead to poor sleep? Studies also suggest that long-term overexposure might increase your risk for macular degeneration and early onset cataracts!

However, keep in mind, not all blue light is bad! In fact, blue light is necessary for regulating your mood and circadian rhythm. That’s why each Carrot Eyewear lens blocks 50% of blue light (specifically filtering 90% of the highest range), blocks 100% of UV light, and comes with an anti-glare coating.

Honestly, decreasing your exposure to blue light before bed is challenging. That’s why blue-blocking glasses should highly be considered if you’re going to burn the midnight oil in front of a digital device.

4) Fashion-forward eyewear

True to Dr. Tsai’s style, these frames are very fashionable! All Carrot Eyewear frames are unisex and designed to fit most face shapes.

For patients interested in more details, each frame style has dimensions listed in the product description (as detailed as actual millimeter measurements). A few styles even had both male and female models wearing the glasses. Even their customized glasses-wearing carrot microfiber cloth is both functional and cute!

5) Affordable eyewear

Carrot Eyewear is a great option for those looking for a pair of glasses over contacts (that you have already invested money in of course).  I was also very impressed that prices were transparently listed below each item with different color frame options easily switchable on the website.

Pricing starts at only $69 (plus shipping) and arrives in 3 business days. There were also cute “sunnies” options that started at $79.

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Carrot Eyewear for everyday use

Cons of Carrot Eyewear

1) No at-home try on

Honestly, I’m usually hesitant to buy online-only products since I can’t try on the actual item. However, Carrot’s policy for shipping and returns was pretty straightforward when I tried them out.

There is a 30-day risk-free policy if you think you want to exchange for a different style but shipping is on the customer. Simply email them for a return authorization.

2) No prescription parameters

While it is a great non-prescription model, Carrot Eyewear is currently an online-only platform, so there are limitations for patients that need prescription glasses or don’t already wear contacts.

As an optometrist, I am actually glad that this company isn’t offering online “measure yourself” options that we all know can contribute to poorly fitting glasses that could actually induce headaches and eyestrain! 

It’s my understanding that some magnification parameters will be available soon for those that need some presbyopic power as prescribed by their eye care professional! Also, this works perfectly for computer glasses over contact lens wearing patients.

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Carrot Eyewear coupons

While Carrot Eyewear glasses are already competitively priced, here are three active coupons you can use towards these glasses:

  • 15% off with code INTRO15.
  • A complimentary case for each frame purchase with code FREECASE.
  • Free shipping with code HOPON.

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Carrot Eyewear patient reviews

“I’m so glad I gave Carrot Eyewear a try, I was skeptical about blue-blocking glasses but was happy to see that it was doctor-designed and they even had video examples of blue filter lenses vs non-blue filter lenses. It really puts my mind at ease that I am being proactive with my eye health. They really do make my eyes feel less fatigued and tired, I wear them all the time now!” – James

“The frames are so stylish AND affordable! There is so much attention to detail on the frames and the lenses are virtually clear. I can see my computer clearly and no longer experience eye strain. In the past, I’ve tried a few brands out, but they were never as clear as I’d like. I am so happy with my decision with Carrot Eyewear and never turning back! In fact, I’ve introduced all my friends and family to them!” – Katie

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Carrot Eyewear for digital devices

My personal opinion of Carrot Eyewear

Honestly, I’m really glad that I was introduced to this wonderful, female-founded company! I always emphasize to my patients to protect their eyes from computer/blue light, as they would from the sunlight outdoors. Plus, there is definitely no sacrifice on style with Carrot’s scientifically proven yet completely clear blue light blocking lenses!

It looks like Carrot Eyewear really checks out as an option for those looking for a reliable and scientifically backed pair of computer glasses and/or glasses over contacts. I’m also thankful more doctors are bringing awareness to visual eye strain conditions since it affects so many working adults. At $69, Carrot Eyewear’s price point is actually very reasonable and doesn’t skimp on quality. Honestly, I think we will be seeing this line in private practices soon!

What are your thoughts on Carrot Eyewear? Share them in the comments below!

Carrot Eyewear Review
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Carrot Eyewear is an eCommerce eyewear brand founded by Dr. Jennifer Tsai, an optometrist who understands the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful blue light!


  • Blocking of harmful blue light.
  • Decreased digital eye strain and improved visual comfort.
  • Improved overall wellness.
  • Fashion-forward eyewear.
  • Affordable eyewear.




  • No at-home try on.
  • No prescription parameters.

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