Glasses Style Meets Function with Transitions Lenses

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Glasses Style Meets Function with Transitions Lenses

Do you ever have trouble finding glasses that compliment your personal style? Need some advice? Below, Dr. Ryan Corte interviews optician and fellow Transitions® Change agent, Daniel Brunson, on maximizing eyewear style and function with Transitions® lenses!

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Dr. Corte: My name is Dr. Ryan Corte and I’m here with Mr. Daniel Brunson. Daniel is an optician, a fellow Transitions® Change agent and the President at Hicks Brunson Eyewear in Tulsa, OK. Today we’re talking about how to personalize your glasses style.  

Glasses purchasing and fashion recommendations

Stylish meets function with Transitions XTRActive grayDr. Corte: Daniel, what are a few things you talk to patients about when helping them buy glasses?

Mr. Brunson: I really like to get to know my clients and find out a few things about them. You’ve got to know about their lifestyle and their career. So I’m going to recommend one type of lens for a person who works on the computer all day. On the other hand, I’m going to recommend a completely different kind of lens for someone who is outside driving around a lot or out playing golf.

You also want to think about eye health and protect your eyes from the different kinds of harmful light that you’ll experience both indoors and out. Lastly, you want to think about personal style.

Dr. Corte: The glasses you wear can make a huge fashion statement. How do you help your customers select the right glasses for their style?

Glasses recommendations by face shape

Mr. Brunson: Well, you have to start by identifying what their style is. They might be funky, trendy, or conservative.

If their style is funky, I’m going to recommend a thick and bold frame, probably with a bright pop of color like blue, red, or purple.

If they’re trendy, I’m going to recommend a combination frame, something that mixes up metals and plastics – or maybe an aviator frame. Also, I probably recommend a Transitions® Graphite Green lens to give it that throwback vibe.

Lastly, if they’re conservative, I’m going to put them in a thin metal frame in a color that is going to be neutral and complimentary to their color tones.

The most important thing is, you’ve got to enhance your client’s confident with the frame that you fit on them and you can do that no matter what their style!

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Style meets function with Transitions® lenses

Dr. Corte: How do you help patients select the right Transitions® lenses for their style?

Mr. Brunson: You have to understand your patient’s lifestyle before you can provide a recommendation. Their lifestyle is going to determine the type of frame you put them in and the thing I love most about Transitions® lenses is that they can be pairs with a variety of frame options so they can have both style and function!

Dr. Corte: Do you have any recommendations for how to pair frames with the perfect lens color?

Transitions lens colors and function

Mr. Brunson: Lens colors can add both fashion and function to eyewear. When I’m trying to create a fun and trendy look, I really like working with mirrors.

Some other great options are Transitions® lens colors because of the variety of colors that are offered. From grey and brown to graphite green, each color offers an enhanced viewing experience.

Grey really gives you the most natural vision. Brown gives you enhanced color contrast, while graphite green gives you natural vision with enhanced color contrast.

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Dr. Corte: How can patients find the right Transitions® lens for their lifestyle?

Mr. Brunson: Oh that’s easy! I would recommend they visit It’s a wonderful educational resource that allows them to compare the different lens options. And, it gives them the product details they need to pick out the perfect lens for their lifestyle.

Dr. Corte: Daniel, thank you for taking the time to chat about patient’s personal style and as a resource to find the right fit. Explore and see what’s new and exciting in the world of prescription eyeglasses and style, again visit

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