Èyes Are The Story Makeup Q & A – Optocosmetic Eye Makeup for Dry Eye

Eyes Are The Story

When you think about eye health, your thoughts may not immediately go to makeup – but maybe they should!

Èyes Are The Story was founded in 2016 by Amy Gallant Sullivan as a new line of optocosmetics and skincare that puts eye health first. I recently reached out to Amy to ask her a few questions and learn more about the company’s brand and mission. 

In this interview, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about Èyes Are The Story, including how the products are designed to combat dry eye disease.

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The name Èyes Are The Story was created because it illustrates the purpose of the brand: the need to focus on eye health. Furthermore, the name addresses the unmet need for ocular-surface-friendly beauty and skincare products.

The brand design was intentionally created to mimic a Snellen chart, or rather the ubiquitous eye chart which has been used since 1862 to measure visual acuity. I want people to focus on their eye health, so what better way than to encourage an interpretation of the logo?!

2) What type of professionals were involved in development?

The formulation of Èyes Are The Story products was done in collaboration with laboratories in the US, Canada, and Italy.

This new line of optocosmetics and skincare was created by leading innovators in the field of vision health, uniquely formulated for sensitive eyes, contact lens users, and sufferers of dry eye and digital eye strain.

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3) What do you do to ensure that Èyes Are The Story products are ethically made?

Èyes Are The Story is a wellness-meets-beauty brand uniquely focused on eye health. Our first priority was to validate that our products are not offensive to the ocular surface. Therefore, we demanded more testing than required for eye makeup.

We can claim vegan as well as cruelty-free for the eyeliner, cleanser, and serum. However, for the mascara and eyelid wipes, we do not formally claim vegan or cruelty-free, as for toxicological, ecotoxicological, and safety reasons some animal testing could have been performed.

Please see below definitions from a cosmetics regulatory specialist:

  • Vegan: product with no ingredient from animal origin (or contaminated during the manufacturing process) + not tested on animals.
  • Cruelty-free: corresponds to no animal testing according to the EU 1223/2009 regulation; i.e. no animal testing was performed on the ingredient for cosmetic purposes.

4) What are the standards you use for developing Èyes Are The Story makeup?

I collaborated with GMP-compliant laboratories to formulate the Èyes Are The Story products, which means that the manufacturers offer processes and procedures that ensure the cosmetics are not adulterated or misbranded. I did not “Private Label” the line, as I wanted to develop original formulations that addressed the unmet need for ocular-surface-friendly products.

I created a blacklist of chemicals that I did not want in the products and worked closely with the laboratories to create the innovative recipes. All of the products were made in adherence to EU regulations, which are stricter than those which exist in the US. The EU restricts more than 1,300 chemicals for formulations, whereas the US has banned only 11.

The Èyes Are The Story development process

Before a pharmaceutical product goes to market in North America, the therapeutic must run successful clinical trials and be FDA-approved. In the “Beauty” space, this is not the requirement. For cosmetics, trials are typically only required for products that make strong claims, such as therapeutic/medical claims. In order to justify all our claims, we organized trials for the Èyes Are The Story Products in Europe. The trials were in Europe because their regulations are more stringent, and, as we will eventually sell Èyes Are The Story across-the-pond, it was prudent. 

The Èyes Are The Story trial results verified that the products are very well-tolerated and appreciated by the trial participants, comprised of those with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and dry eye sufferers. All participants were given thorough eye exams by an ophthalmologist pre/post 1-month of daily use (also followed by a dermatologist). Here are some of the findings:

Èyes Are The Story Mascara 

  • Suitable for sensitive eyes: very well tolerated on the ocular level (& easy to remove with ESSIRI Refreshing Towelettes) – 95% 
  • The mascara does not crumble in the eyes – 90% 
  • Easy to remove without scrubbing the delicate eye area – 90%
  • Product can be considered as “flake-free” – 90% 
  • Eyelashes feel healthy – 81%
  • Eyelashes are visibly more defined – 86%
  • Mascara gives a nice volume effect to the eyelashes – 86%
  • Eyelashes are more intense – 86%
  • 86% of subjects would like to continue use of product

Èyes Are The Story Eyeliner 

  • Suitable for sensitive skin and eyes & very well tolerated on the ocular level: 100% of trial subjects
  • Product does not flake in the eyes – 100%
  • Product can be considered as “non drying” – 95%
  • Product provides an intense color – 100%
  • Precision tip glides smoothly during application – 100%
  • Product is long-lasting – 95%
  • Product is easy to remove with ESSIRI Refreshing Towelettes – 100%
  • Product is easy to remove without scrubbing the delicate eye area – 95%
  • 86% of subjects would like to continue use of product

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5) How does Èyes Are The Story makeup help in the fight against dry eye?

First. Knowledge is power.

This brand is leading a new conversation about optimal eye health. The nexus between eye care and beauty is a hot topic, and we’re encouraging optometrists to engage patients in discussions about their use of cosmetics and aesthetics treatments. According to a Dry Eye Diva research, 88.76% of women don’t talk to their eye doctor about their beauty routines, and 70.42% of respondents don’t consider ingredients when buying makeup. Since so many chemicals in beauty products can harm your eyes – whether ocular irritation, allergies, contact dermatitis, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and corneal epithelial cell toxicity or dry eye disease – it is important to speak with your doctor about your beauty routines. 

Since 2002, I’ve been researching the correlation between cosmetics use and dry eye. Èyes Are The Story products were formulated with the understanding that, of dry eye sufferers, approximately 70 percent are women. And, as women use a lot of eye makeup, almost 60% of women use mascara daily in the US (Statista 2019), there is a good chance that their beauty routines are adding flame-to-the-fire of OSD.

So, when creating formulations of the Èyes Are The Story products, I made sure to avoid many of the common ocular-surface-offending ingredients that can cause or exacerbate DED, such as BAK, formaldehyde, retinols, parabens, phenoxyethanol, and chlorphenesin. 

Èyes Are The Story reminds us that it is important to pay close attention to what we are using on or around your eyes, as makeup use can impact your ocular health and vision, for both the short and long term. 

6) Any plans for producing eyeshadow and other popular eye-makeup?

Absolutely! The 2nd generation of products will definitely include colors.

Èyes Are The Story Pricing

  • Eye Proof Facial Cleanser – $39
  • Eye Proof Facial Serum – $89
  • Eye Proof Liquid Liner – $39
  • Eye Proof Mascara Trio Set – $39
  • Eye Proof Refreshing Towelletes – $29
  • Trinacria Collection – $119
    • Includes the Cleanser, Serum, and Towellettes
  • 2020 Capsule Collection – $159
    • A gift set that includes all products

20% off your first Èyes Are The Story Purchase

Final thoughts

Whether you’re an eye care professional who is looking for a safe makeup line that you can recommend to patients or a wellness conscious consumer, Èyes Are The Story is definitely worth exploring!

What are your thoughts on Èyes Are The Story makeup? Share your feedback in the comments below!


  1. I use their products and love them! I have dry eye from chemo and radiation for breast cancer and these products do not bother my eyes! Thanks for having these products!