Eyelid Twitching (Myokymia): Why It Occurs and How To Stop It

Too much caffeine can cause eyelid twitching.

While annoying, eyelid twitching (i.e eyelid myokymia) is a very common condition that is more of a hassle than something to worry about! Below is a recap of its most common causes and how to stop it. 

In the video below, Dr. Vicky Wong discusses the most common reasons for eyelid twitching (and how to prevent it).

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Main causes of eyelid twitching

If eyelid twitching is something that you’re dealing with, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you unusually stressed or fatigued?
  • Have you been drinking a lot of coffee, tea, or energy drinks?
  • Has your alcohol consumption increased significantly?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?

Stress, too much caffeine, too much alcohol and a lack of sleep are some of the most common causes of eyelid twitching.

Too much alcohol can cause eyelid twitching


If your overall health is normal, and twitching is occurring in just one eye, your eye doctor will most likely monitor your condition.

However, if blood pressure or neurological issues are of concern, your eye doctor may want to run a few additional tests. If your twitching has occurred for an extended period of time, further workup by your primary care doctor or a neurologist may be necessary.

On average, if one or all of the usual suspects are addressed, eyelid twitching resolves on its own within couple weeks. This is contrary to have droopy eyelids (ptosis), which often requires surgery to fix

Concerned about have recent or persistent eyelid twitching? What are you waiting for? Make sure to schedule an appointment with your local eye care professional today!