The Birth of EssilorLuxottica, a Nearsightedness Discovery, and Smart Glasses

There are smart glasses.

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Think you and your significant other are a power couple? Meet EssilorLuxottica!

Last month the news broke that Essilor (the largest manufacturer of lenses that go into your glasses) and Luxottica (the owners of the ever popular Ray-Ban® brand, LensCrafters®, and EyeMed insurance) announced they’re saying “I do” and merging the two companies together into EssilorLuxottica.


While this French and Italian marriage has the approval of their respective leadership, time will tell if the deal passes antitrust laws. Of course, this is nothing a little dinner conversation over some homemade spaghetti and a french baguette can’t resolve! 😉

Have you ever wondered exactly why you’re nearsighted?

A new discovery out of Northwestern University found a cell in the back of the eye, when it dysfunctions, may cause nearsightedness. Interestingly enough, this finding may be associated with the amount of time your child spends indoors and away from natural light.

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These findings are part of the growing evidence that spending time outdoors as a child is beneficial for visual development. Which is leading to many of today’s youth asking themselves the question: “Do they make an app for that?”

Laundry room pods can cause serious eye injuries in toddlers.

Does your toddler always play in your laundry room?

If so, make sure to keep those fancy detergent pods out of reach. A recent study found the number of chemical eye burns linked to these pods among young children increased more than 30 times from 2012 to 2015. Yikes! That’s almost the number of strokes I have on my golf handicap.

Smart glasses are coming!

Intrigued by all of James Bond’s fancy gadgets?

These new smart glasses may be of interest to you. Engineers out of the University of Utah created a liquid-based bifocal lens designed to automatically focus on exactly what you’re looking at. The developers of these futuristic lenses hope to have their product available to the masses in 3 years or less. Talk about focusing on the future! 

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