5 Reasons To Choose Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

5 Reasons To Choose Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

In a world full of contact lens options, how do you make a decision on which one to wear? Although there are plenty of different contact lenses on the market, the easiest choice you can make is to wear a daily disposable contact lens!

In this video, Dr. Christine Joy talks about daily disposable contact lenses and the many benefits of wearing them.

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What is a daily disposable contact lens?

A daily disposable contact lens is a lens that is manufactured for one-time use. That’s right. You wear it once then throw it away (even if you only wore it for a special event or a couple of hours).

Note: This is an important fact to consider as some people try to wear daily contact lenses multiple days in a row. Unfortunately, this only puts them at an increased risk of infection and is not a good idea. Also, once a daily lens is worn once, it’s nowhere near as clear or comfortable the next day.

Each lens comes in an individual package filled with saline solution, and after removal of the contact lens, it is thrown away. As a result, daily contact lenses come in a larger box compared to two week and monthly contacts.

So, why pick a daily disposable lens over a two week or monthly contact lens that can be reused? Let me explain!

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5 reasons to choose daily disposable contact lenses

Honestly, it comes down to the simple fact that dailies are the healthiest option for your eyes! If this isn’t convincing enough, here are 5 reasons to consider wearing daily contact lenses:

1) Dailies provide you with a fresh lens every day

Wearing a fresh lens each day prevents deposits, pollen, and other pollutants from building up on the lens over time.

If you wake up with crusty eyelids or live in an area with high levels of pollen in the air, this is a no brainer!

2) Dailies come with less hygiene hassle

Most people overlook the fact that contact lens solution adds up!

With dailies, there is no need for a cleaning and storage regimen. Plus there is no question about when to dispose of your lenses.

3) Dailies help you avoid dryness and complications

When lenses are not cleaned properly and are stretched past the biweekly or monthly time frame, you’re more likely to run into issues.

Preservatives in certain solutions and deposits on lenses can cause inflammation in the eyes. Also, dry eye syndrome can be exacerbated by extended lens wear.

4) Part time wearers find dailies more convenient

Dailies are convenient for those who wear contact lenses occasionally since you can wear the lenses as needed and throw them away after each use.

5) Dailies are perfect for those who travel!

Do you travel a lot? You’ll love these lenses! In fact, dailies are an excellent option for anyone who travels, as they can easily fit into a travel bag and there is no need for solution.

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Cost and conclusion

Initially, dailies cost more than 2 week and monthly contact lenses. However, keep in mind, you’ll save money on solution and can take advantage of excellent rebates on a supply of contact lenses.

For the overall convenience and ocular health benefits, daily disposable contact lenses are well worth the price.

Curious if you’re a good candidate for daily contact lenses? Make an appointment with your local eye care professional today!


  1. Amazing!!! very nice article you have putten up I liked reading your article. I usually wear glasses as I have a blurry vision but now want to try something new and so I decided to buy a pair of lenses for myself but my friend suggested I not to buy as it requires a lot of hygiene and maintenance and she was sure I couldn’t do that. I did not know that there even comes daily disposable lenses that do not require so much care. Thank you so much it helped me know.

  2. Of course, Varun. We’re glad you found this article resourceful and wish you the best of luck in your contact lens wear!