Aveo Contacts Review (Pros/Cons, Pricing, and More)

Aveo Contacts Review
Source: Aveo

Like Hubble Contacts, I don’t know anyone who fits Aveo contacts (and in this review, you’ll learn why). However, since we pride ourselves on providing you with accurate and transparent eye care information, I decided to research, order, and review Aveo contacts. Below is a complete review of what you need to know about Aveo’s contacts, including the pros and cons of wearing the lens.

Note: If you want to see how Aveo stacks up against other subscription contacts (i.e. Waldo, Sight Supply, and Hubble) watch the video below.

Say hello to Aveo 

Aveo’s contact lens for nearsighted and farsighted individuals (Aveo Hello) first became available to the US market in late 2018. The company’s mission is to give you happy, healthy eyes. Also, Aveo is the first direct to consumer contact lens company to release a toric contact lens (Aveo Joy!).

Shipped to your door in cute and colorful packaging, Aveo contacts are manufactured in Malaysia by Supervision Optimax and are made of omafilcon A. This material was first developed in the 1990s and is used in the Coopervision Proclear family of lenses. Proclear is no longer a featured product for Coopervision as the material is outdated compared to the technology available today.

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Aveo lens technology

Unlike other direct to consumer contact lens companies, Aveo took the time to name and market their lens technology. For example, the lens features AquaLock technology which Aveo says is like a #SpaDay for your eyes and a BlissEdge design that allows your eyelid to glide over the edge with no drag. Also, Aveo Joy! features a SteadyView design that helps reposition the lens correctly in your eye with every blink. While each feature is uniquely named and marketed, the actual benefits of this lens fall short of the technology available today.

On the other hand, Aveo packaging is 100% recyclable, their inserts are printed using soy ink, and their US distribution center is LEED Gold–certified. This is a plus for anyone concerned about the environment and sustainability.

Powers, availability and more

Aveo Hello contacts are available in powers ranging from -10 to +6. Therefore, they’re designed to fit a large range of contact lens wearers. Also, Aveo contacts have built-in UV protection (87% UVA and 97% UVB) and a light blue visibility tint for handling purposes.

On their website, Aveo advertises a 10-day free trial (i.e. 10 pairs at the cost of $5 for shipping). Of course, this is after the company verifies the prescription with your eye doctor (of which never occurred during my trial request).

Also, as noted in the name, these contacts are designed for daily wear and should be thrown away at the end of the day. Therefore, Aveo contacts are NOT approved to be slept in!

Note: If you plan on taking your daily contact lenses out for a nap or to go swimming, we recommend storing them in Biotrue, RevitaLens, or Opti-free Pure Moist contact lens solutions. For more information on contact lens solutions, check out our complete guide!

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Aveo Joy!
Source: Aveo

Does Aveo have a lens for astigmatism?

Yes! Released to the US market in 2019, Aveo Joy! is now an option if you have enough astigmatism to be corrected in a contact lens. Featuring a prism ballast design to help the lens stay in place and minimize rotation, this is the first direct to consumer contact lens that corrects for astigmatism.

Does Aveo have a lens for presbyopia?

No, not at this time. However, that doesn’t mean Aveo won’t launch a multifocal lens for in the near future! Stay tuned.

Are Aveo contacts right for you?


  • Inexpensive (for a daily contact lens).
  • Has a toric lens option (Aveo Joy!).
  • Delivered to your door through an adjustable subscription service.


  • Not the premium contact lens it’s advertised to be.
  • Not available in a multifocal lens option yet.
  • Questionable company ethics and concern for consumer eye health (see more below).
    • They used to offer an “at-home vision test” that was shut down by the FDA.

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How much do Aveo contacts cost?

The team at Aveo really prides themselves on their cost to the consumer. Right now a month supply of lenses for both eyes is $36 for Aveo Hello and $55 for Aveo Joy. Furthermore, you can upgrade to their annual plan to save $50 on Aveo Hello and $80 on Aveo Joy.

When compared to older contacts, designed with similar (outdated) lens technology, Aveo contacts are around the same price (and, in some cases, even more expensive).

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Source: Aveo

My personal experience

Honestly, I first ran across Aveo on Facebook and Instagram. Similar to Hubble Contacts, I noticed how clean, user-friendly, and well designed their website was. After entering in my prescription, I was prompted to select my subscription plan and input my doctor’s information.

As a practicing optometrist, I typed in my provider information and was asked to input my credit card information before ordering. Of course, I was also informed that my prescription would first be verified by my eye doctor.

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Doctor verification request

As soon as I made the order, I informed my office staff to let me know when they received a verification request from Aveo to verify my prescription. A few days went by and we never received a verification request. A week or so later, still nothing. This is despite the fact that I was promised at checkout my prescription would be verified. Without being verified, my free trial of Aveo Contacts still arrived in the mail. As expected, the packaging was as cute as advertised.

In regards to my experience, the lens was easy to handle and I experienced good initial comfort. I was able to wear the lens from 8 am to 6 pm before dryness and irritation started to set in. This was slightly longer than my experience with other direct to consumer contact lens options but still not ideal.

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Canceling my Aveo subscription

After searching Aveo’s website, I discovered I could cancel my subscription via live chat, email, or over the phone (by calling 833-439-2836). Having the ability to do so via live chat and email is something that was not an option with other subscription contacts I reviewed. Also, Aveo allows returns within 30 days on unopened boxes.

Like other online subscriptions, you can also modify your next delivery date (up to 90 days in the future) as well as choose the frequency of your order (every 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks) using your online Aveo account. I’m sure customers appreciate this service as not everyone wears their daily lenses every day.

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Two things that concern me about Aveo

Like Hubble, Aveo took an old lens material and branded it as an innovative new product. Yet, when you research what they’re actually selling, there is nothing new (or technologically advanced) about it. If the company really cared about your eyes, why didn’t they take the time to develop a product that aligns with today’s technology? In fact, this lens doesn’t come anywhere close to the technology used in contact lenses being released today!

Also, my prescription was never verified (yet I still was mailed Aveo contacts). This is also why I don’t know any eye doctors that fit this lens. Furthermore, the company used to offer an “online vision test” that allowed customers to obtain or renew their contact lens prescription without being fit by an eye care professional. From an eye health and safety perspective, I’m not convinced Aveo has the best interest of their customers in mind.

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Final thoughts

In the end, I totally understand why a subscription-based contact lens service would be attractive to people. However, two things are missing with Aveo. One, in the vast majority of cases, Aveo contacts aren’t being fit and evaluated by an eye care professional. And two, if a company is going to spend millions of dollars marketing a product, why not develop a contact lens that aligns with today’s technology and standards?

Truth be told, I’m all for innovative disruption when it comes to improving products and services. In fact, I’m a Harry’s subscriber and ordered my last mattress through Leesa. The reality is, you often get what you pay for! Unfortunately, Aveo isn’t the premium lens it’s being advertised as. If you’re looking at evaluating your contact lens options, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with a local eye doctor. They’ll take into account your visual demands and fit you with a contact lens that supports you and your lifestyle!

What do you think of Aveo Contacts? Leave your review in the comments below!

Aveo Contacts Review
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Aveo is a subscription contact lens service from Supermax, Inc. With outdated lens technology compared to today’s lenses, I recommend you consider alternative options before subscribing to this daily contact lens.


  • Inexpensive (for a daily contact lens).
  • It has a toric lens option (Aveo Joy!).
  • Delivered to your door through an adjustable subscription service.


  • Not the premium contact lens it’s advertised to be.
  • Not available in a multifocal lens option yet.
  • Questionable company ethics and concern for consumer eye health.
 Aveo Hello (spherical)Aveo Joy (astigmatism/toric)
Year of US market release20182019
Base curve (i.e. curvature of the contact lens)8.68.6
Diameter (i.e. width of the contact lens)14.214.5
Powers-0.50 to -6.00 (in 0.25D steps)
-6.50 to -10.00 (in 0.50D steps)
+0.50 to +4.00 (in 0.25D steps)
+4.50 to +6.00 (in 0.50D steps)
-0.50D to -6.00D (in 0.25D steps)
Cylindern/a-0.75, -1.25, -1.75
Axisn/a10, 20, 90, 160, 170, 180
Add powersn/an/a
Handling tintLight blueLight blue
Materialomafilcon A
omafilcon A
Water content58%58%
Dk/t (i.e. oxygen transmissibility)
Modulus (i.e. stiffness)
Center thickness
0.07 mm @ -3.000.12 mm @ -3.00
TechnologyAspheric, AquaLock, BlissEdgeAquaLock, BlissEdge, SteadyView
Wear typeDaily wearDaily wear
Replacement scheduleDaily (i.e. throw away at the end of the day)Daily (i.e. throw away at the end of the day)
Trials10 pairs when you first subscribe online10 pairs when you first subscribe online
Available for purchase30 packs30 packs
Approved to be slept in?NoNo
Inside out markings?NoNo
Rebate available?NoNo
UV protection?Yes (87% UVA, 97% UVB)Yes (87% UVA, 97% UVB)


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