Computer Glasses: Are They a Good Option for You?

Just like you have a wardrobe to wear to work, your glasses are no different! Office or computer glasses are designed to offer you superior visual comfort and protection from digital eye strain in the workplace.

In this video, Sheena Taff reviews exactly what you need to know before getting computer glasses!

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Computer glasses vs other glasses

The problem with single vision distance and progressive glasses is that they allow you to focus on a distance of 20 feet and beyond. While this is great for day to day activities, this distance is not typically needed at work! Especially since most activities are conducted at computer and reading distances.

On the other hand, computer glasses are made to enhance your vision in a smaller workspace, such as an office or cubicle, based on closer focusing requirements. In fact, the newest generation of computer and office glasses offer blended lens styles that allow you to easily focus on your desk and computer in the same pair of glasses. This makes multitasking at work easy and comfortable!

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Man wearing computer glasses in office

How computer glasses work

Computer glasses are available in different styles that optimize your vision based on your work environment and help tremendously with using a computer and reading small text. By removing or minimizing the distance portion of the lens, you’ll benefit from a larger computer area without the need to tilt your head. This helps prevent neck strain and provides outstanding vision that is perfect for large, modern day computer monitors that are most commonly used today.

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Lastly, most lenses specifically designed for office and computer use have built-in blue light filters to protect against high energy harmful blue light. Doing so helps decrease eye fatigue from extended digital device use.

Curious if you could benefit from office or computer glasses? Schedule an appointment with your local eye care professional today!