Best Dry Eye Masks for Warm Compress (2020)

Best Dry Eye Masks for Warm Compress (2020)

Do your eyes ever burn, water, or feel gritty? Do they feel dry at the end of the day? If so, you may be suffering from evaporative dry eye disease. To best combat this condition, there are several brands of dry eye masks that you can use to perform a warm compress of your eyelids. In this article, I’ll go over the best dry eye masks for warm compress that you can use to manage dry eye disease from the comfort of your own homes.

First, what is evaporative dry eye?

In evaporative dry eye, or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the oil glands which are located on the outer surface of the eyelids become clogged and/or aren’t producing a healthy oil layer. This outermost oil layer is essential for keeping your eyes comfortable and allowing you to see well. The oil layer acts as a barrier and protects your tears from evaporating off the surface of the eye. 

The most common treatment for evaporative dry eye involves heating the eyelids and manually expressing the oil glands with your fingertips or a cotton swab. Heating the eyelid allows the buttery oil to melt and become liquid again, protecting your tears from evaporating.

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TearRestore Mask

The new TearRestore mask is an innovative and uniquely designed warm compress for patients with dry eyes and MGD. The product delivers therapeutic heat exactly where you need it and allows you to keep your eyes open during treatment (making it very different than other masks).

Included with the product are 2 reusable heat packs that provide up to 180 treatments. Also, TearRestore Heat Pack Replacements are available for purchase and provide up to 180 additional therapeutic treatments.

Since the product is reactivated in boiling water, we’ve found the TearRestore Reactivation Kettle is the easiest way to reactivate heat packs. With 1/2 a liter of water and one click, you can rest assured that you have a clean heat pack ready to use.

How to use the TearRestore Mask

First, click the small metal disc located within the heat pack. Press the center of the metal disc with your thumb or forefinger to activate the pack. Upon doing so, you will begin to feel the heat.

Next, snap the heat pack into the mask. The TearRestore mask has specially designed hooks around the eye holes. Simply match the eye holes of the heat pack with the mask and hook the edges of the heat pack onto the mask.

Then, place the TearRestore mask and activated heat pack over your head and adjust to be able to see through the eye holes. Pull the straps until comfortable and wear for a 15-minute treatment!

Lastly, the TearRestore heat packs are easily reactivated in boiling water or a one-click kettle. The boiling water returns the heat packs into a liquid in as little as five minutes. Once the pack has become liquid, simply let cool and reactivate at your convenience. 

How much does the TearRestore Mask cost?

The best bang for your buck is purchasing the TearRestore Bundle (includes TearRestore Mask, 3 Reusable Heat Packs, Collapsible Reactivation Kettle) for $129.99.

Otherwise, the TearRestore Basic Package (TearRestore Mask, 2 Reusable Heat Packs) is $79.99, TearRestore Replacement Heat Packs (2 Reusable Heat Packs) is $39.99, and TearRestore One-Touch Kettle is $24.99.

Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress

The Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress is filled with patented self hydrating beads and is unique in that it can be heated via a microwave or oven. The Eye Doctor compress features loose inner beads to prevent hot spots and is reusable for at least 365 times. It comes with a washable cover and a storage bag for your convenience. 

The mask features Sterileyes antibacterial protection. Sterileyes is permanently bound to the fibers of the mask and is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Why is this important? Because not all bacteria are killed in the microwave/oven. In addition, more bacteria can be transferred from the eyes and face back onto the compress during treatment. Over time this may lead to potential odors or staining of the mask. 

How to use the Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress

Heating the mask up for 20-30 seconds in the microwave and placing it over your eyelids for 5-10 minutes (note: you can also heat it up in the oven). This can be done 2-3 times a day and can also help with a hordeolum or chalazion.

The Eye Doctor compress can also be used to relieve itchy eyes, inflammation, and migraines when placed in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

How much does Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress cost?

The Eye Doctor Premium Moist Heat Compress costs $29.95 on the company website and is also available on Amazon (check current price).

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Bruder Moist Heat Compress

The Bruder Moist Heat Compress is one of the most popular dry eye masks and contains patented MediBeads technology. Compared to other masks where moisture sits on the surface and quickly evaporates, MediBeads which are infused with silver absorb moisture from the air providing an even and extended moist heat helping to avoid dangerous hot spots. The infused silver also provides antibacterial and non-allergenic properties and helps keep the mask clean. 

The Bruder mask features a unique two-pod design which allows for superior comfort and performance and helps to concentrate the heat onto the eyelids, not the forehead and cheeks. A drawback of the Bruder mask is that it can only be heated via a microwave and cannot be used to relieve itchy eyes or migraines.

How to use the Bruder Moist Heat Compress compress

The Bruder mask is easy to use. Simply microwaving the mask for 20-30 seconds allows for 10-15 minutes of sustained heat. It’s self-hydrating, with no need to add water. The Bruder mask is hand washable and can be reused many times.

How much does Bruder Moist Heat Compress cost?

The Bruder Moist Heat Compress is $22.95 on the company website and is also available on Amazon (check current price).

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Tranquileyes XL Advanced

Eye Eco offers a variety of effective eye care products backed by extensive scientific research and the Tranquileyes XL Advanced system is no exception. The patented Tranquileyes XL Advanced kit includes a pair of goggles and two gel pack technologies. 

The first is Thermoeyes Instants XL which are made of sodium acetate, a non-toxic, salt water solution and a stainless steel disc inside. When the stainless steel disc is bent back and forth the sound created by the clicking activates the gel pack by changing the molecular structure from liquid to crystal, thus generating heat.

The second type of gel pack included is Thermoeyes Beads XL. These are made of glycerin and water and come preassembled in a fabric pocket which helps to increase humidity and improve comfort. 

How to use Thermoeyes XL Advanced

Once activated, the gel pack is inserted into a moistened fabric pocket then into the back of the goggle. The Thermoeyes gel packs can be reused over 150 times and creates a moist heat range from 102-110°F for up to an impressive 25 minutes. These gel packs do need to be “reset” back to their liquid form after each use. Resetting the gel packs is done by submerging the hardened packs in 8 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes. Once removed from the boiling water, the gel packs are ready for use within 30 minutes.

After the pocketed beads are placed in 2 cups of water and microwaved for 90 seconds they are placed into the back of the goggle. They provide 20 minutes of the same temperature range as the Thermoeyes Instants XL. Each set of Thermoeyes Beads XL can be reused about 60 times. They can also be used for cold therapy to reduce itchy eyes and migraines.

How much does Tranquileyes XL Advanced cost?

The Tranquileyes XL Advanced is $79.50 on the company website and is also available on Amazon (check current price).

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Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress

The Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask produces moist heat and features a soft outer covering with beads inside, similar technology to the Bruder mask but at a cheaper price. The Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask has a one size fits all design and the velcro straps make it easy to attach behind your head. 

By providing an affordable and high quality product to consumers, Eye Love is able to give a portion of its profits back to the community. For every mask sold, Eye Love donates a comprehensive eye exam, glasses, and sunglasses to someone in need.

How to use Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress

The Heyedrate Dry Eye Mask is easy to use. Simply microwave the mask for 15-20 seconds and place the warm compress over your eyes for 15-20 minutes. There is no need to add water and no additional inserts. The compress comes with a bag for storage. 

In addition to its dry eye benefits, the mask can be placed in the freezer for 2 hours and used for itchy and puffy eyes.

How much does Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress cost?

The Heyedrate Dry Eye Warm Compress is $19.97 on the company website and is also available on Amazon (check current price).

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Final thoughts

No matter which dry eye mask you choose, it is important to be consistent with using it. In addition to using a dry eye mask regularly, there are several other treatment options including artificial tears, prescription eye drops, punctal plugs, and scleral contact lenses. You can discuss with your eye care provider which options are best for your dry eyes.

What’s your favorite dry eye mask? Let us know in the comments below!