5 Reasons Every Toddler Should Get an Eye Exam

5 Reasons Every Toddler Should Get an Eye Exam

If you have a young child who hasn’t started school yet, you may not have thought about eye exams. However, now is the perfect time to get your little one’s eyes checked to make sure they are in good health and your child is seeing properly.

Here are 5 reasons every toddler should get an eye exam:

Two kids waiting for the school bus

1) To help them achieve school success

Learning is largely visual for children. If your child cannot see presentations or things written on the board at the front of the classroom, their ability to learn will be severely hampered.

It’s all too common to find that a child who seems to be having trouble learning actually only needs corrective lenses. Once their vision is corrected, their academic performance often improves tremendously. Acting now – before your child sets foot in a school – can help set them up for a lifetime of success in school and in life.

2) Because your toddler can’t tell you if they have a vision problem

Your toddler may have an extensive vocabulary, but they won’t be able to detect or express to you that their vision isn’t as sharp as it should be.

Fortunately, as eye care professionals, we can determine whether a child sees properly with a series of specially-designed tests (such as choosing between different images and having them follow a small toy or light and observing how their eyes move). We can also check for neurological problems based on how their pupils respond to objects and light.

Young children can’t speak for themselves when it comes to their vision. Therefore, having your child’s eyes checked by an eye care professional is vital.

3) For a lighter schedule

When your child starts school, what seems like a busy schedule will only get busier! Therefore, I highly recommend you take care of this task now before your child’s schedule fills up with after-school activities, sports practices, and other endeavors.

Also, keep in mind your child may end up needing multiple appointments. As a result, it’s smart to take advantage of these early days. That way they won’t have to miss out on something else to see the eye doctor.

4) In some states, it’s the law

For example, in the state of Florida, your child is required to have an eye exam screening in kindergarten. You can get a jumpstart on this initiative and choose the practitioner your child sees by scheduling an eye exam now – before your child starts school. Taking control of your child’s eye health is an excellent way to ensure they receive the best possible care.

5) It’s an important part of their overall well-being

Your child learns about the world around them through their senses, and vision is an extremely important one. Just as you care for your child’s physical health by scheduling regular visits to the pediatrician, you can also ensure their eyes are healthy and working properly by scheduling regular visits with the optometrist.

In the end, getting into the routine of scheduling yearly comprehensive eye exams is an important habit to establish early on. As a parent, doing so will bring you the peace of mind that your child is seeing well before entering school!

Author bio: Dr. Elise Kramer is a residency-trained optometrist in Miami FL who specializes in ocular health and disease, ocular surface disease and regular and specialty contact lens fitting. Over the last few years Drs. Elise Kramer have created a unique scleral lens practice. “My practice has been devoted to the restoring quality vision and ocular comfort to those patients who have been affected by keratoconus, refractive surgical complications, corneal transplant surgery and many others.”