4 Signs Your Baby Is Hungry (& Needs To Be Fed)!

Learning your new baby’s hunger cues is very important for “on-demand” or “cue-based” breastfeeding. 

What is “cue-based” breastfeeding?

While it can take time to learn, cue-based feeding is the method of allowing your baby to determine when it is ready to breastfeed. In my professional opinion, this is the most effective way to ensure that your baby is getting enough milk. It also helps your body reach maximum milk production

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Also, putting your baby on a strict feeding schedule can lead to a poorly nourished baby, engorged, aching breasts, and a less enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

Here are 4 signs to watch for that will tell you your baby is ready to go to the breast:

1) Your baby is awake and looking around.

Newborns do little else other than eat, sleep, pee, and poop. If your newborn is awake, they most likely are ready to eat.

2) Your baby is lip licking or mouth smacking.

Odds are you’re familiar with this look (babies do it A LOT). If you’re not, it almost looks like they are sticking their tongue at you or opening and closing their mouth to get your attention.

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