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Sheena Taff is an optician in beautiful British Columbia Canada. You could say she was born with optical genes, as she is the child of two opticians. She took the reigns of their independent optical practice 7 years ago and have since found her calling in all things optical. She's devoted to the science and technical knowledge that goes into creating a premium pair of eyeglasses and loves that she has the opportunity to create glasses from start to finish! She has a passion for fashion, beauty and design. Everyday she has the pleasure of opening the eyes of eyeglass wearers to the joys of style expression through eyewear, helping them look and see their best!
Here's what progressive lenses look like.
Let’s be honest, everyone want’s to look good, feel good and see well out of their glasses! But when the fine print on your restaurant menus or your smartphone starts to get blurry, the fear of needing reading glasses or bifocals to see is real! In the video below, Sheena Taff discusses what you need to know about progressive glasses. If you...