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Shannon Carroll, DO

Dr. Shannon Carroll was raised in Baltimore, MD where she attended Maryvale Preparatory School. She graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science in 2009. She has worked in Endocrinology, Weight Loss & Management at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She attended William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine where she graduated with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree in 2015. She is currently completing her Family Medicine Residency as chief resident at Nassau University Medical Center in Long Island, NY. She practices in all areas of primary care, but takes special interest in Sports Medicine and Emergency/Urgent Care. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with family and friends, staying active and exploring NYC on the weekends, and traveling anywhere a plane can fly for vacation!
Heat Illness - Signs, Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Prevention
As a physician, I prepare for everything and do my best to prevent the worst from happening. Unfortunately, heat illness can occur from temperature and humidity. The spectrum of the two creates a dangerous atmosphere for anyone spending time outdoors. In this article, I'll review what you need to know about heat illness, including signs, symptoms, risk factors, and...
Curable vs Incurable STDs - Screening and Prevention
Discussing sexually transmitted diseases (aka STDs, sexually transmitted infections or STIs) can be very uncomfortable. The most important part of understanding STDs is learning about proper screening and prevention. In fact, it’s critical to know that with every sexual encounter you should use protection. And when I say protection, I mean condoms! Why? Other methods of contraception DO NOT...
How Effective Is Birth Control? Know Your Contraceptive Options!
How much do you really know about your birth control options? Which forms are the most effective? You go to the doctor and we tell you “use condoms every time you have sex!” Then we provide you with the small, yet highly relevant disclaimer, “but they’re not a guarantee against pregnancy so you should use another form of birth control." If condoms...