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Sarah Trinajstich, RD, IBCLC

Hi, my name is Sarah Trinajstich. I'm a registered dietitian and an international board-certified lactation consultant. I received my bachelor's degree and completed my dietetic internship at California State University Long Beach. I then completed my lactation consultant education at the University San Diego Extension. I believe in the power of good nutrition from the moment of conception and the importance of breastfeeding, not only for babies nutrition but for the bonding and physical benefits to baby and mom. There is no greater satisfaction for me than to help a mother and her baby breastfeed successfully. Breastfeeding is more than what the body does without thinking. It involves skills that mom and baby learn together. I look forward to help ease the learning curve!
6 Steps For Getting a Comfortable & Effective Breastfeeding Latch
A latch is a position your baby’s mouth is in when attached to your breast for breastfeeding. A good, deep latch is often the answer to many discomforts associated with breastfeeding. As a result, your baby will get the most milk, with the least effort, and you can keep your nipples from becoming sore and raw with an effective latch. In...
Hand expression of breast milk is a great way to get milk out of your breast without using a breast pump. It can be especially helpful with breast stimulation after birth, engorgement relief, increasing milk supply, and getting your baby interested in latching. In this article, I'm going to walk you through the simple process of hand expression. In the video...