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Matthew Bassan, DO
Dr. Matthew Bassan is a sports medicine and family medicine physician with a special interest in wellness and prevention. He received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, the study of human movement, from the University of Maryland. After medical school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, he did his residency in family medicine in Long Island, NY. During residency, he worked with patients that had many of the illnesses and chronic diseases that he hopes to prevent in his career through the advocacy of physical activity and exercise. He then completed a sports medicine fellowship in New York. He trained at a practice in Manhattan seeing patients from Broadway dancers and weekend warriors to those wishing to become more active. His career interests are to promote proper nutrition, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle in order to optimize wellness, achieve personal fitness goals, and prevent illness. He aims to help patients through obstacles and injuries to get them back to what they enjoy. After fellowship, he spent a year with an orthopedic practice and is now a sports medicine and weight management specialist for a private practice in New Jersey.
Demystifying the Rotator Cuff - What You Need To Know
The rotator cuff is a term that a lot of people have heard of. What the rotator cuff does, most people can figure out, is it rotates the shoulder. However, what the rotator cuff is remains a widespread mystery. Of all of the shoulder pain patients that I have seen, by far their most common injuries are to the...
Everything You Need To Know About Ankle Sprains
An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries out there. But how many of you actually know what it is? In this article, I'll highlight everything you need to know about ankle sprains, including grading, diagnosing, treating, and rehabbing. What is an ankle sprain? An ankle sprain is an injury to one of your body's ligaments. Ligaments are rope-like...
9 Non-Surgical Treatments For Knee Osteoarthritis
Knee osteoarthritis is a common condition in today’s population, made even more prevalent by the increasing amount of aging Baby Boomers and the obesity epidemic. In this article, I'll review what knee osteoarthritis is as well as provide you with non-surgical treatment options to consider. What is knee osteoarthritis? First, let's discuss some anatomy. The knee joint is made up of...