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Jaclyn Garlich, OD, FAAO

Hi, my name is Jaclyn Garlich and I’m an optometrist practicing in Milwaukee, WI. I grew up in St. Louis, MO and I went to optometry school at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA. After optometry school, I did a residency in primary care and ocular diseases at the St. Louis VAMC. One thing I love about optometry is making my patients see better but, in particular, those patients with severe corneal dystrophies. I fit a lot of specialty contact lenses and I find it very rewarding to see a patient go from 20/200 vision to 20/20 vision. When I’m not practicing optometry I write an optometry newsletter called 20/20 Glance. It’s a once a week email delivered every Monday morning with a rundown of what’s new in optometry for the past week. It’s an easy way for the busy clinician to stay up-to-date.
Here's Why Your Eyes Water All the Time
Do your eyes water all the time? Yet, when you last had them examined by your eye doctor, you were told you have dry eyes! How can that be possible if all they do is water? Sounds kind of backward, right? Well, let me explain why having very watery eyes is actually a sign of dry eye disease (otherwise known...
Here is what soft toric contact lenses look like up close.
If you have astigmatism and are looking to be fit with contacts, chances are your eye doctor will prescribe you toric contact lenses. Astigmatism is a common vision problem that causes blur, shadowing, or doubling of images when glasses or contact lenses aren’t worn. It falls into a similar category as nearsightedness and farsightedness but causes blurry vision both up close...
Contact Lenses for Keratoconus - What Are Your Options?
Keratoconus is a corneal disease that causes thinning and bulging of the cornea. Because the cornea is a major part of the eye that is responsible for giving you clear vision, any irregularity or change in its shape will cause your vision to be distorted. If you’ve been diagnosed with keratoconus, your eye doctor will likely recommend specialty contact...