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Jacob Templar, DPT

Jacob Templar, DPT
I am a Doctor of Physical therapy practicing in Upstate NY. I graduated from Utica College with a Bachelors of Science in Health Studies and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I currently work in a private outpatient setting, treating mainly patients with spine-related injuries. In addition to working with the general public, I have worked with professional athletes, powerlifters, and recreational lifters. However, the majority of the patients I see have persistent symptoms often lasting decades. Over the last 12 months, I was ranked in the top 5% in orthopedic outcomes internationally in FOTO, a standardized outcome tool used in rehab. I also have advanced training in McKenzie (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) and as a Primary Spine Provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I very much believe in being an educator first and therapist second. Many conditions involve teaching someone information about their body in an easy to digest manner. If I am doing my job, not only am I helping to guide someone through their current musculoskeletal issue, but teaching them how to prevent future issues.
Do you or someone you know have shoulder pain? Have you had shoulder treatment that hasn’t worked in the past? Was your pain labeled as having something like a rotator cuff tear or shoulder impingement? As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am here to say that while you might have shoulder pain, your shoulder might not be the...
Here's Why Your Tennis Elbow May Not Be an Elbow Problem
Do you have elbow pain and think you have tennis elbow? As a doctor of physical therapy, I am here to tell you that your elbow might not be the true source of your pain. In the video below, Dr. Jacob Templar discusses why your tennis elbow might not be an elbow problem. If you don’t like the video or want more information,...