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Ian McWherter, OD, FAAO

Ian McWherter is a Consultative Optometrist at Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville, KY and the Director of Research at the University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry in Pikeville, KY
Intraocular lens on a finger tip.
Did you know the lens inside of your eye is crystal clear at birth? Pretty cool, right? However, as the years go by, that same crystal clear lens begins to cloud up and develops into a cataract. As a result, if you live long enough, you’ll eventually get cataracts. When is it time for cataract surgery? A good time to should start thinking about...
These are a few examples of popular glaucoma eye drops.
Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to the nerve that connects your eye to your brain. This nerve is known as the optic nerve. Damage can occur when the pressure inside your eye (also known as intraocular pressure or IOP) is too high, or when it is low. However, if you develop glaucoma, your eye doctor may...
These eye drops are examples of common artificial tears.
Dry eye disease is a very common condition that impacts millions of people! In fact, the digital devices that consume our daily lives are only making matters worse. Fortunately, artificial tears, or lubricating eye drops, are a good first line treatment for most people with dry eyes. However, purchasing these drops can be really overwhelming, as there are so...