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Drug Development Process Overview From Lab to Market
Many people are unaware of just how complex and long-winded the route of bringing a drug to the market really is. From first laboratory discovery to the clinical research testing phases and then eventually being granted a license to become available for purchase, the whole process typically takes up to 12 years and costs over $1.4 billion...
4 Early Stage Eye Diseases and How to Treat Them Effectively
When you receive a routine eye exam, oftentimes you’ll find your eye health is great and there are no problems. However, occasionally eye diseases are detected in the early stages by your eye doctor. With early detection comes the option to receive proper treatment and avoid complications. That’s why it’s so important to have yearly exams, even...
We Know How to Prevent Heart Disease - So Why Don't We?
I bet you know that heart disease is a very common condition. I bet you even know it's deadly. But I have two questions for you: Did you know it's the number one killer worldwide? Did you know it's almost entirely preventable? It's true. Not only does heart (cardiovascular) disease kill millions of people worldwide each year, it's also almost...