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Caitlin Reghetti, OD
Dr. Caitlin Reghetti is a 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. She currently practices as a primary care optometrist at Handel Vision Clinic in Akron, Ohio. She spends the rest of her time running her own food blog ( and working as a freelance writer and social media manager.
Unity BioSync Contact Lens Review
When it comes to fitting contact lenses, there are a lot of options available for your eye care professional to choose from. Depending on eye health history, personal goals with contact lens wear, and budget limitations your doctor will work to narrow down your lens options. Honestly, it can be easy to get lost...
Acuvue Vita contact lens
Are you a loyal Acuvue Oasys wearer but are tired of having to remember to replace your lenses every two weeks? Or worse, are you in a biweekly lens but stretching your replacement schedule out to month (or longer)? If so, Johnson and Johnson Vision's Acuvue Vita monthly lens could be a good option for you!
Biofinity Review
Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of contact lens options available to you? If you’re searching for a comfortable, affordable monthly contact lens option, there are a ton of great brands to choose from, which may have your head spinning.  It’s always best to discuss your ocular health and contact lens goals with your eye...
Air Optix plus Hydraglyde Review
Are you having issues with your current contact lenses drying out by the end of the day? Do you notice deposits building up on your contacts throughout the month? If either case applies to you, ask your eye doctor about the Alcon's Air Optix plus Hydraglyde contact lens!  Released in the United States Market...