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The problem IntroWellness has identified.

The Problem

Let’s be honest, the world of health and wellness is overwhelming! When you go to the doctors, you’re asked to fill out medical history forms, get numerous pretests, and ask your provider “all the questions you have” in a very short amount of time – all without trying to look or sound silly. When browsing social media or the internet, you’re bombarded with advertisements for products and services that claim to improve your quality of life.

As a healthcare provider, I must admit, we’re being asked to see more patients in less time. This often leads to chaotic schedules and less time for us to address ALL of your concerns in office. And, even if we do, are we really doing it in a way that you truly understand?

Furthermore, companies are experts at delivering you digital content that helps sell their products and services. But do you really need what their selling? Are their products or services really valuable and how do they stack up to competitors?

Whether you have a Ph.D. in psychology, are a stay at home mom, or have 30 years of experience as a small business owner, it’s not your job to interpret complex medical marketing and information.

Inaccurate information is everywhere!

Who & What To Trust

Unfortunately, the internet is full of inaccurate health and wellness information. Not to mention, there are millions of products and services constantly battling for your attention. Unless you have a medical background, this can cause A LOT of confusion!

What information sources can you trust?

Which products and services are right for your needs?

Trust me, providers are frustrated by this too! Even when we take the time to educate you on ALL your concerns, we routinely find you’re left with more questions when you get home (ones that even “Dr. Google” struggles to answer).

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The Solution

As a result, IntroWellness® was designed to provide you with the basic building blocks to BEST understand and manage your overall health and wellness!

Our team of health and wellness professionals is here to help you live your life to the fullest! In fact, our content is specifically designed to be simple and easy to understand by those without a medical background. 

Furthermore, our product and service reviews are 100% unbiased, transparent, and provide you with an in-depth breakdown of what REALLY matters.


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