Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric Nutrition


Multivitamins for Children: Exactly What You Need To Know

Multivitamins are supplements that can be purchased over the counter. To our benefit, they mimic specific vitamins and minerals found naturally in whole foods....

What You Need To Know About Your Newborn’s Stomach Size

When your baby is born, their stomach is the smallest it will be for their entire life! In fact, their stomach will slowly stretch...
4 Signs Your Baby Is Hungry (and Needs To Be Fed)!video

4 Signs Your Baby Is Hungry (& Needs To Be Fed)!

Learning your new baby’s hunger cues is very important for “on-demand” or “cue-based” breastfeeding.  What is "cue-based" breastfeeding? While it can take time to learn, cue-based...

Kids in the Kitchen: How To Raise Healthy Eaters

I hear it from parents all the time “my child just doesn’t want to eat the foods I make!” Truth be told, mealtime with...
Cow's Milk Allergy - When It's Not Just Fussy Feedingvideo

Cow’s Milk Allergy: When It’s Not Just Fussy Feeding

Does your baby get sick after feeding? Are they having a hard time tolerating your breast milk or formula? If so, they may have...