Live The Good Light™ in Style with Transitions® Lenses

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In the Spring of 2017, Transitions Optical launched a new consumer brand campaign called Live the Good Light™! Below Dr. Ryan Corte interviews optometrist and fellow Transitions® Change agent, Dr. Amanda Rights, on her thoughts about the new campaign!

For highlights from this interview, watch the video above! 

Dr. Corte: My name is Dr. Ryan Corte and I’m here with Dr. Amanda Rights. Dr. Rights is a primary care optometrist in Boone, NC as well as a the founder of the blog Optomeyeslife and fellow Transitions® Change Agent! How are you doing today?

Dr. Rights: Good, how are you?

Dr. Corte: Outstanding! I’m doing really well and am excited to chat with you a little bit today about the Transitions® Live the Good Light™ Campaign. Let’s dive right in!

Woman smiling wearing Transitions Lenses outdoors

Millennials and Transitions® lenses

Dr. Corte: What are a few reasons why Transitions® lenses are desirable for millennials like you and I?

Dr. Rights: 

  • They’re versatile. They adapt automatically from changing light, indoors or out.
  • They’re resourceful. (When you wear Transitions® lenses) you only have to carry around one pair of glasses that functions as two separate pairs – an indoor clear pair and an outdoor sunglasses pair.
  • They trendy. With the wide range of colors and lens options to choose from, Transitions® lenses can fit any fashion forward frame.

Dr. Corte: What do you think millennials can learn from the Live the Good Light™ Campaign?

Happy millennial wearing her Transitions LensesDr. Rights: I think millennials will be surprised to find that Transitions® lenses can actually be stylish!

Dr. Corte: Absolutely!

Dr. Rights: The most common misconception about Transitions® lenses that I hear from patients is that only our grandparents wear them. This isn’t true at all!

Dr. Corte: I completely agree with you.

Dr. Rights: Transitions Optical has come a long way with their technology and people all ages wear them. Even, young, hip millennials! Through the Live the Good Light™ Campaign, I think millennials will see how any Transitions® lens can fit in any frame to match their personal, unique style!

Dr. Corte: As both a millennial and an optometrist, how do you feel this campaign relates to your daily life?

Dr. Rights: As millenials, we spend more time on digital devices than any other generation before us. At the same time, we also lead very active lifestyles and expect our technology to keep up with us. As an optometrist, I try to meet all the visual demands of my patients. Transitions® lenses are able to meet the visual demands of everybody – whether it’s from their occupation, interests or hobbies, indoors or out!

Dr. Corte: I couldn’t agree more!

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