Dailies Total1® Contact Lenses: A Professional Review

Dailies Total1 Review

Do you experience frequent dryness or discomfort while wearing your contact lenses? Are you looking for a premium lens option that was uniquely designed for maximum comfort? If so, I highly recommend you try Alcon’s Dailies Total1® contact lenses!

Water gradient = increased comfort

To start, Dailies Total1® was first released to the US market in 2013. It’s unique because it’s the first-ever water gradient contact lens available!

Dailies Total1® Water Gradient Contact Lenses
Credit: myalcon.com

At its silicone hydrogel core, this lens is made up of 33% water content. This water repelling (i.e. hydrophobic) design allows it to provide the front of your eye with superior breathability (i.e. oxygen transmissibility). In fact, Dailies Total1® has the highest oxygen transmissibility of any daily disposable lens on the market!

On the other hand, its surface is designed to be water loving (i.e. hydrophilic) and is made up of 80% water content – matching the corneal surface it sits on. In fact, this lens approaches 100% water content at the very front and back of the lens! Overall, this design provides your eye with a very comfortable and smooth gliding surface that lasts all day.

Credit: myalcon.com

It’s important to note the high lubricity (i.e. slipperiness) of this lens can make it difficult to handle. Therefore, I highly recommend you have dry hands when putting in and taking out this lens.

In a nutshell, what does all this jargon mean to you? White, healthy-looking and feeling eyes, all day long!

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